Billing and Payments


Each month, Indiana University creates an electronic bill listing tuition and fee activity and the amount that is due by the due date. We email you when you have a bill ready to review. Make sure you are checking your IU email account—that is where we send your billing notices and other official communications.

Third Party Access

Do you have a parent or other third party that needs access to view or pay your bill? No problem. Simply log into One.IU and set them up as a Third Party User. Be sure to give them access to “Bursar Balances and Bills”. Third Party Users also receive email notifications regarding the bill and have the same online bursar access as students.


IU has many options when it comes to paying your bursar bill. There is a full list of payment options located on our payment options page.

The easiest way to pay is online using electronic check. All you need is your banking routing number and account number. There is no fee to pay online using an electronic check. You may also pay online using a credit card or debit card, however a convenience fee will be assessed if this form of payment is used.

Ready to pay? Students: Pay Online Now. Third Party Users: Pay Online Now.

Additional Resources