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Payment Options

Online Payments

You are encouraged to use the IU Bursar Pay system located on One to charge your fees to your credit card or bank account. IU Bursar Pay offers secure payment options and flexibility.

With IU Bursar Pay, you can:

  • Make payments to your bursar account from your personal checking account, savings account, or Credit Card.
  • Create 3rd Party Users who can then use a unique user code/password combination that you assign. Once authenticated, 3rd Party Users can make payments directly to your Bursar account. This could be used for spouses, parents, or even employers and allows each to setup their own confidential checking account information.
  • Receive e-mail notifications when new bills have been sent to your account.
  • View history of all payments made.
  • View history of billing statements as your billing history file develops over time.

For more information view our IU Bursar Pay Guide

Personal Deferment

If eligible, your account statement will display a "Deferment Amount" which is the down payment necessary to elect a personal deferment contract. To elect the personal deferment option simply make the Deferment payment by the payment due date.

What do I know about personal deferments?

  • Available to all students enrolled in at least 3 credit hours and in good standing with the Office of the Bursar.
  • Splits your account balance into up to 4 installment payments.
  • $15 fee for each deferment payment
  • The deferment balance is calculated after all financial aid, scholarship, and sponsor authorizations have been applied.
  • Prior term fees and late fees are not included in the calculation and are due in full.


Failure to make payment in full by the personal deferment due date will result in a 1.5% late fee being assessed and denial of University services.

Foreign Currency & International Payment

Are you an international student and want to pay your student account directly from your home bank? You can pay through GlobalPay for Students.

  • This option allows you to pay in your own currency while providing a simple and secure way to initiate an electronic payment.
  • The exchange rate is competitive when compared to retail rates and is valid for 72 hours after the transaction is initiated.
  • There is no transaction fee from GlobalPay for Students or Indiana University but you may be charged a transaction fee by your bank.

Follow the instructions on the GlobalPay for Students website.

Important things to know:

  • If your local currency is not available, choose another currency on the list or UNITED STATES (USD).
  • Print your confirmation page/quote and take it to your local bank. The process cannot be completed until this step is done.
  • Your local bank will then transfer the funds via GlobalPay for Students to Indiana University.
  • Indiana University will post the US dollar equivalent to your student account, generally in 3 to 5 business days after your local bank initiates the payment.

US Mail

Note: Do not mail cash

Leave ample mailing time for your payment to be delivered. Payments are posted on the date of receipt,  not the date postmarked.

Send written correspondence, payments without a bill stub, payments distributed from a 529 plan, miscellaneous scholarship checks from private donors, and payments sent via overnight or express mail directly to:

Indiana University Southeast
Office of the Bursar
University Center South, Room 103
New Albany, IN  47150

Send payment only with enclosed payment portion of your printable statement by standard U.S. mail to:

IU Southeast Lockbox
Payment Processing Center
P.O. Box 7246
Indianapolis, IN  46207-7246

In Person

Check or Money Order Payments

  1. Checks or money orders must be made payable to Indiana University Southeast.
  2. Checks or money orders must be payable in United States dollars and drawn on a United States bank.
  3. Postdated checks are not accepted.
  4. Counter checks may not be accepted.
  5. Two-party checks (i.e. checks made payable to an individual, company, or institution other thanIU Southeast) are not accepted.
  6. If payment is made by check, any resulting or future credit balance will be refunded by check.
  7. Any personal or business checks may be returned if the account indicates to send Guaranteed Funds.
  8. For other information, regarding check payments, see also: No checks accepted as defined on Returned Checks.

Cash or Traveler's Checks

  1. All payments must be United States currency.
  2. Do not place cash in the bursar drop box.
  3. Do not place signed traveler's checks in the bursar drop box.
  4. Traveler's check payments must be in United States dollars and drawn on a United States bank.
  5. All in-person payments must be transacted at the Office of the Bursar, during regular business hours.
  6. All cash or traveler’s check payments must be made in person at the Office of the Bursar, during regular business hours.

Wire Transfer

Want to pay your student account bill by wire transfer?

A less expensive alternative is GlobalPay for Students' Foreign Currency, a simple method of paying your fees to IU from your home bank.

If wire is your only payment option, please email us at bursar@ius.edu for instructions.

Sponsored Students

If all or part of your fees are to be paid by a sponsoring agency or company, the proper authorization must be submitted to the Office of the Bursar by fee payment deadline along with payment of the balance not covered. Learn more about Sponsor Authorizations »

IU Employee Tuition Benefits

What is the IU Tuition Benefit?

Employee or IU Retiree

The IU Tuition Benefit is a subsidy of covered tuition up to a benefit dollar maximum per semester based on the Indiana resident per-credit-hour rates at each campus, and in the case of some employees/retirees, on class standing (undergraduate, graduate, or professional). The actual benefit amount applied will be based on the number of credit hours per semester.

Spouse or Domestic Partner

The IU Tuition Benefit for a covered spouse or domestic partner is a subsidy of covered tuition up to a benefit dollar maximum per semester based on the Indiana resident per-credit-hour rates at each campus. The actual benefit amount applied will be based on the number of credit hours per semester.

Dependent Children

The IU Tuition Benefit value is a subsidy of 50% of the Indiana resident undergraduate rate, up to the completion of a bachelor’s degree or up to a maximum of 140 credit hours of IU Tuition Benefit awards as long as they meet the dependent child requirements as listed in the policy.

  • Tuition Benefit is not a cash award; rather, it is an employee benefit that pays a portion of the tuition credit-hour fees, and in some cases, audit fees.
  • Tuition Benefit for the dependent child does not apply to audit hours.
  • Tuition Benefit does not apply to special fees, such as those for music performance studies, student teaching, laboratories, early education experience, dissertation advanced research (G901, B798, G831, or equivalent), rental of special equipment or facilities, and fees for non-credit courses.
  • Tuition Benefit does not apply to mandatory student fees, such as student technology, activity, or athletic fees.
  • A Tuition Benefit application needs to be submitted each academic year.  Once eligibility is verified, the Tuition Benefit award is credited to the student's bursar account.
  • Tuition Benefit awards are reduced or canceled if the student or employee's eligibility ceases.
  • Any changes in the student's enrollment may also result in changes to the amount of Tuition Benefit. The Office of the Bursar will then bill the student for applicable fees.
  • ·         Tuition Benefit for graduate level courses as well as courses taken by Domestic Partners are treated as taxable income. In accordance with IRS regulations, these taxes will be withheld from the employee's pay. The employee's pay notice will include reference to the amount of Tuition Benefit included as taxable income.
  • Covered individuals are responsible for all tuition costs over the benefit maximums and excluded fees

Additional plan details and benefit amounts can be found on the IU Human Resources Tuition webpage.

Employer Deferment

You qualify for a Fee Reimbursing Employer Deferment if all or a part of your fees are to be reimbursed by a sponsoring agency or company, and reimbursement will not be made until the end of the semester when grades are turned in. Learn more about Fee Reimbursing Employer Deferments »