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Fee Appeal Procedures

Students have the right to appeal the refund policy concerning credit hours and course related fees for up to one year if there is a significant or unusual circumstance that causes their withdrawal from classes after the usual refund period. The procedure for filing an appeal is:

  1. After withdrawal from class, complete a Fee Appeal Form. You must contact the Office of the Bursar to obtain a hard copy.
    • You must withdraw from classes before an appeal can be considered.
    • In the case of Illness or accident, a letter from your physician must accompany your appeal.
    • The Appeal form should be filled out with as much detail and back up as possible.
    • If the late withdrawal is due to a death in the family, the student must submit proof, i.e. death certificate, news paper obituary, etc. We regret to have to require such backup, but past abuses of the fee appeal process have made it necessary.
    • Any non-refundable fees on your bursar account must be paid in full before submitting the appeal.
  2. Submit the appeal to the Office of the Bursar. Once submitted, the appeal is forwarded to the Refund Appeals committee for consideration.
    • The Refund Appeals Committee meets twice a month.
  3. Once a committee decision has been rendered, the Office of the Bursar will formally communicate the committee's decision to the student.
For more information regarding the appeal process please contact the Office of the Bursar at (812) 941-2335.