Past Due Account

The Office of the Bursar publishes all policy statements in this section of the website, therefore; it is expected that clients (students, parents, and authorized payers) have read and understand these policies. Questions regarding these policies may be directed to our office.

What is an encumbered account?

The Office of the Bursar is responsible for collection of any outstanding University financial obligations. All outstanding items must be paid or cleared by the originating department. An encumbered account will be denied certain University services (e.g. registration, transcripts, diploma, short-term loans, and validating registrations) until paid in full. Once payment in full or appropriate credits has been applied to the bursar account, financial holds will be removed in an overnight process. Access to services will be available the following business day.

What if my account is past due?

Students who have not paid their fees or made other payment arrangements (personal, financial aid or sponsor deferments, or sponsor authorizations) by the fee payment deadline may be subject to a late payment fee. It is your responsibility to ensure all financial aid, scholarships, student loans, or sponsor authorizations have been posted to your bursar account prior to the fee payment due date. In addition, accounts that are in delinquent status will be turned over to a third party collection agency. If your account is with a third party collection agency, payments should be made directly to the agency.

If you have lost access to your Bursar account, you may make a payment via Quikpay now.

University Collections: 1-800-458-8756

Security Credit Systems: 1-800-836-4568

Recovery Management Services: 1-800-900-3944

Reliant Capital Solutions:  1-866-837-5096