Past Due Account

Missed the due date?

Your student account will be charged a late payment fee of 1.5 percent each month that it’s past due. Late fees are costly, and you can avoid them easily by paying the amount due by the due date.

If you pay your bill by the due date, you won’t have a hold on your account that stops you from:

  • Getting your transcript
  • Registering for classes
  • Getting your diploma

Is your account past due?

If your student account is past due (encumbered), a hold will be placed on your account. This means that you’re denied certain university services such as registering for classes or ordering transcripts. Once you pay the balance, or appropriate credit is applied, financial holds will be removed.

Note that the University Collections and Loans Services may also place a hold on your account if you have outstanding actions to complete.

What happens if you don’t pay?

If you don’t pay your bill and we can’t agree on a payment arrangement with you, your account will be referred to University Collections and Loans Services. We may also report your balance to the credit bureau and place it with an outside collection agency.

You could also face loss of income tax refunds and be liable for all reasonable collection costs, including agency and attorney fees associated with collection efforts.

If your account is past due, please contact University Collections immediately:

Phone: 1-800-458-8756