Refund Policy

Certain situations can result in a credit balance on a student's bursar account. This can be an outcome of:

  • Excess financial aid including bank loans, scholarships and fellowships
  • Dropped courses - Students that drop courses may be eligible for a refund. Tuition and fee adjustments are determined by the date the course was successfully dropped. Financial aid refunds resulting from dropped courses may need further review by the Financial Aid Office to determine if the refund is appropriate or if aid needs adjusted for compliance reasons.
  • Granted fee appeals

Credit hour and directly related fees are refundable upon proper withdrawal from course work. Student Activity Fee, Technology Fee, and Repair and Rehab fee are non-refundable after the 100% refund period.

Students taking online courses who currently reside in a state other than Indiana may be subject to state-specific refund policies. Contact for state-specific online course refund policies.

7-day Exchange period – Undergraduate students are now able to drop and add classes for an even-exchange of tuition if the drop and add happen within 7 calendar days of each other.

Late Drop/Add – Students will be charged a late schedule change fee for each class added after the first week of classes. Students may also be charged course fees, tuition, and/or penalties.

Banded (flat rate) Tuition - Effective Fall 2016, full-time undergraduate students enrolled in on-campus degree programs will pay the same amount for their basic tuition when taking between 12 credits and 18 credits, rather than pay a per-credit rate. Visit the Affordability@IU page, for more information about Banded Tuition.

Non-Standard Refunds – Some classes run on special schedules that don’t fit into the standard session categories. For these classes, we calculate some deadlines differently. Taking a nonstandard duration class? Use this link to find your tuition refund percentage.

Refund Schedule – If you choose to withdraw from a class or from IU, the refund amount you’ll receive depends on the length of the course(s) and the date you withdraw. Be sure to check the official calendar for the deadlines for each refund amount.