If all or part of your fees are to be paid by a sponsoring agency or company, the proper authorization must be submitted to the Office of the Bursar by fee payment deadline along with payment of the balance not covered. It is your responsibility to contact the Office of the Bursar by the fee payment deadline to insure proper credit has been posted to your account.

Authorization must be on the official Sponsor Authorization form (PDF) or letterhead of the company or agency, and should state exactly what type of fees and in what amounts the company or agency intends to pay. The Office of the Bursar will defer the amount of fees authorized, and will bill the sponsoring company or agency on the student's behalf. Any authorizations not paid within 30 days of the billing date become the responsibility of the sponsored student.

What must a sponsor authorization include?

  • Student's name
  • Identification number
  • Amount and type of fees the sponsor intends to pay, i.e. course fees, lab fees or other mandatory fees associated with the course such as the technology and activity fee.
  • Effective period for the authorization and be on official letterhead or billing form of the sponsor.
  • A fax may also be used for submitting an authorization by dialing (812) 941-2639.

Authorizations maintained in the Office of the Bursar will be applied to the student account. Payment of fees cannot be conditional upon: grades, completion of courses, or employment status. The billing authorization must include a complete mailing address and a telephone number of a contact person.

Sponsoring agencies are not routinely billed for library charges, returned checks, parking permits or tickets, ID cards, recreation fees, locker fees, late charges, etc. Students are responsible for these fees. When the sponsored student chooses not to attend IU Southeast, enrollment must be terminated through the IU Southeast Office of the Registrar. Fee payments not paid by the sponsor per the terms stated on our sponsor billing may become the student's responsibility. If the student has applied for financial aid, it is the student's responsibility to notify the Office of Financial Aid of any sponsorship for which they may be eligible. Failure to remit payment in a timely manner could result in the Bursar Office not accepting future authorizations from a sponsor.

Failure to submit the authorization and/or pay any balance due by the fee payment deadline will result in the assessment of a 1.5% late fee. If your fees have been totally deferred due to sponsorship, and you do not plan to attend you must notify the Office of the Bursar before the first day of classes.