Part-time Management

  • Eligible for voucher
  • UPS pays IU directly, no grade requirement
  • If student does not make required grade, UPS will collect directly from student
  • $5250 annual limit

Sample Voucher

Part-time Non-Management/Union

  • Eligible for voucher
  • UPS pays IU, only if student passes the class
  • Student is responsible for paying any dropped classes or failed classes
  • $5250 annual limit

Sample Voucher
Authorization Form

Full-time, Non-Union

  • Eligible for Tuition Reimbursement through UPS, but NOT a voucher
  • Student is eligible for Employer Deferment with IUS
  • $25,000 lifetime maximum
  • UPS will cover $150 per hour for tuition
  • UPS will cover up to $400 in fees

Deferment Form

Find out more on the UPS Jobs website or Jobline at (502) 359-1877.