Nothing damages the Career Development Center Office reputation more than a "no-show." If you miss an interview, you may be canceled from further interviewing, either temporarily or permanently. You MUST contact the Career Development Center Office immediately.

In the event that you miss an interview, do not assume that your interviewing privileges are already lost. You have two (2) working days (48 hours) to see the Director of Career Development Center and explain the circumstances. During this time, you must continue to honor your previously scheduled interviews, pending the disposition of your case.


  • you must complete the No-Show Explanation Form;
  • you must submit a letter of apology to the employer through the Director of Career Development Center;
  • you must take your No-Show Explanation Form and letter of apology with you to your appointment with the Director. (To expedite matters, bring the typed apology letter with an addressed and stamped envelope ready to be mailed. The Director will review the apology letter and mail it if satisfactory.)
  • you will work with the Director to reinstate your future interviews or your Career Development Center assistance will be forfeited. If your case is not satisfactorily resolved, the Career Development Center Office, if contacted by references, previous interviewers, or prospective employers, reserves the right to advise them of the facts regarding the unexcused no-show(s).


Legitimate and untimely emergencies do occur. These circumstances must be serious enough to warrant some kind of assistance, whether from a doctor, family member, or some professional. You may be asked to substantiate your circumstance; be prepared to bring documentation supporting your explanation to the Career Development Center director.

If you must miss an interview because of an emergency, call the Career Development Center Office immediately so that your interview slot can be given to another applicant who wants to interview with that organization. During this call it may be possible to set up a meeting with the director to evaluate your situation. The promptness of your call will be considered in assessing your individual case.


There are circumstances where a student blatantly disregards Career Development Center policies and misses interviews capriciously. Students who do this, or who fail to see the director after a missed interview within the two (2) working days (48 hours), or who miss a second interview, will be suspended indefinitely.