On-Campus Recruiting (OCR) is a program designed to assist IU Students and alumni to secure professional employment or internships. The Career Development Center office invites employers to visit our campus with the express purpose of interviewing candidates for these professional opportunities.

During the fall and spring semesters, employers spend a day in the Career Development Center Office interviewing graduating students, internship candidates, and alumni. Although most recruiters visit the campus to fill entry-level positions and internships, some mid-level management positions are available.

Juniors, seniors and graduates from all academic majors are invited to register with the office and to participate in the interviewing program. Candidates are expected to dress in professional interviewing attire. Information about employers is often available on the Internet.

Although most positions are local, opportunities exist for relocation to other geographic areas. A willingness to relocate will often enhance employability. Contact the Career Development Center Office early each semester for more details about participation in this program.

Candidates are encouraged to review this web site to find information on interviewing and resume preparation.