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Economics is the study of decision-making and public policy. It also studies the decisions of buyers and sellers in product and labor markets. Special topics include labor economics, urban economics, and such headline issues as the environment, poverty, crime, health, education, energy, and the arts. Probably more than any other factor, it is the relevance of economics that initially attracts students. Few, if any, disciplines are equal to economics in preparing one to be an interested, interesting, and competent observer of current events. This is because economics is a social science that develops models for organizing facts and thinking effectively. This empowers its students to make well-reasoned decisions - in analyzing personal decisions and business problems and in drawing informed conclusions about public policy - based on a comprehensive analysis of the costs and benefits of alternatives. Because economics is so often connected to government policy, students also learn about the legal and political institutions that affect consumers, workers, and businesses.

Most graduates use economics as a stepping stone to other occupations. Economic training is wide reaching, and thus, career alternatives are relatively well paid and unusually varied, including business, finance, banking, journalism, and government service. If one is unsure of what major to choose or what career to pursue, economics offers the ability to keep one’s options for the future more flexible. In a word, economics offers a course of study that is interesting and provocative, beneficial in terms of career options, and useful in understanding the world.

Advising Contacts

Photo of Shane Thomas

Shane Thomas M.A.

ACES Director

Univ. Center South 207
Phone: (812) 941-2243

Photo of Kris Bloos

Kris Bloos

Academic Advisor

Hillside Hall 221A
Phone: (812) 941-2362

Photo of Linda Haskins

Linda Haskins

Records Specialist

Hillside Hall 221
Phone: (812) 941-2362

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Related Skills

  • Reading comprehension
  • Active listening
  • Mathematics and science
  • Critical thinking
  • Different learning strategies
  • Ability to give advice on business
  • Research skills
  • Investigative skills
  • Oral and written communication
  • Computer literacy
  • Active learning
  • Ability to prepare and write reports