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Professional Skills (Career Ready) Certificate Program

In our attempt to provide you with candidates who are both skilled and professional we will be hosting this program as a means to enhance our students’ professionalism by:

  • Assessing them so they can articulate their personal strengths
  • Assisting them with their career documents (resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile)
  • Connecting our candidates to you, the employers who currently work in their career fields
  • Matching them with a professional mentor to expand their knowledge base and their network
  • Boosting their resumes with certification status

Goals/Benefits and Time Requirements of the program

The goals and benefits of this program are:

  • Deliver a talent pipeline of polished and career-ready candidates
  • Foster a partnership between the university and local employers centered around meeting the needs of employers and properly preparing students for lifelong learning Learn from you what we need to address in this program, advise us on your needs
  • Provide a chance for you to market/brand your company with candidates
  • Create opportunities to meet and mentor students earlier in their journeys

Time requirements of the program are:

Most participants will need three academic semesters to complete this program. It is ideal for students to begin the program in their Sophomore year. The goal is to give them an adequate amount of time to truly benefit from the work they will be doing to earn this certificate.

Program Requirements


Discovering the Professional Identity - First Semester

  • Complete registration and meet with career counselor
  • Complete strengths assessment and formulate first semester professional development action plan
  • Submit first résumé for approval, discuss cover letter and references
  • Complete LinkedIn profile and have it reviewed
  • Determine on/off campus involvement initiatives
  • Attend at least two of the workshops/webinars and one event from the list below


Expanding the Professional Network - Second Semester

  • Connect with career counselor, determine a professional mentor, and create second semester professional development action plan
  • Complete a Job Shadow Experience or Informational Interview
  • Create 30 second professional introduction to be used at networking events
  • Attend one networking event or career fair (on/off campus)
  • Complete at least one community/campus involvement initiative and take on a leadership position (record in Grenadier Central)
  • Identify/complete experiential learning experience (see options below)
  • Attend at least three of the workshops/webinars and one event from the list below


Building Professional Experience – Third Semester

  • Meet with career counselor and create third semester professional development action plan (review résumé, cover letter, and references)
  • Meet with professional mentor and report to counselor
  • Complete a résumé review and mock interview with professional mentor or employer
  • Attend one networking event or career fair (on/off campus)
  • Identify and complete experiential learning experience (see options below)
  • Continue to grow in community/campus involvement and record in Grenadier Central
  • Serve as a program mentor for students beginning the certificate program
  • Complete at least three of the workshops/webinars and two events from the list below

Workshops/ Webinars and Events


  • Creating/revising your résumé, cover letter, and references
  • Interviewing - phone/video and face-to-face interviews
  • Professional introduction (elevator speech) and networking
  • LinkedIn - creating profile, how to research field of interest, job search strategies
  • Office and dining etiquette (a minimal fee)
  • Internships - how to get started
  • Job search techniques - working a Job Fair
  • Graduate school - when and how to apply, how to find the right school (MBA info session?)
  • Financial Future - creating a budget, insurance needs, when to invest
  • Salary negotiations and how to evaluate a professional employee’s benefit package
  • Panel of professionals - first 90 days on the job, how to be prepared


  • Job Fair (on/off campus) - practice elevator speech and take résumés
  • Networking (on/off campus)
  • Panel of Professionals - First 90 Days on the Job
  • Sanders Speaker Series, One Southern Indiana Business Expo or 5 o’clock Network
  • Common Experience event (pre-approved by career counselor)
  • Attend meeting with professional organization related to student’s academic major

Experiental Learning Opportunities

  • Internship/Externship - for credit or non-credit
  • Study Abroad
  • Participation in Professional Organization’s Conference (pre-approved)
  • Minimum of 50 hours of a community service project (pre-approved)
  • Complete a faculty approved research project and present at Student Conference

Want to Be Involved?

Please contact Career Development (812) 941-2275 or email to participate as a mentor or member of our advisory group, or to assist in creating shadowing opportunities for our students.