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This letter is used to request additional time in which to make a decision. It generally contains the following paragraphs:

  • First paragraph - Refer to the preceding event or action which prompted this letter. For example, you may have received an employment offer, email, telephone call, etc. which requests a specific action.
  • Second paragraph - State your continued interest in the position but indicate that you must have additional time to make a final decision. It is important to justify your request for additional time. You may indicate that further information is needed or that you cannot make a decision of this magnitude without weighing all of the alternatives and opportunities which will require more time.
  • Third paragraph - Request a specific extension period and state when you will be able to have a final decision.
  • Last paragraph - Thank the person for his or her consideration and state that you will be in contact to discuss the requested extension and learn of their willingness to grant you the extra time.

Please remember that you are requesting additional time. Your request may or may not be granted. Do not assume that the additional time will be given.

The online example shows an acceptable style for your professional correspondence. Note that your return address at the top of the letter lines up with the closing and your typed name. The inside address should be identical to the address on the envelope. The 'greeting' should use Mr., Miss, Mrs., or Ms. with the last name of the person to whom the letter is written. A colon (:) should be used after the greeting.

The 'closing' may be stated in various ways: Sincerely yours, Very truly yours, Sincerely. Note that the first word is capitalized and the other words are not. The 'closing' is followed by a comma. Allow enough space (usually four lines) between the closing and the typed name for your signature. Remember, centering the letter on the paper makes it more attractive.


If you need an accessible format, please contact the Career Development Center at (812) 941-2275.