After you have interviewed for a position, it’s a great idea to say thank you. This email should be sent within 48 hours of the time you have the interview (many successful candidates suggest that this should even be sent the same day as the interview).

While saying thank you is the main goal, you will want to remind the reader what you have to offer and why you’re interested. Since this follow up has the potential to increase your chances for a second interview or offer, it’s essential it’s well written and timely.

Here’s what to include:

  • Indicate your gratitude for having had the opportunity to interview for the position. When possible and appropriate, name people with whom you spoke and for which position you applied.
  • Be sure to reiterate your unique qualifications and strengths. This is your opportunity to supply information that was not covered during the interview or to emphasize a point you made but that the interviewer may not have noted.
  • Restate your sincere interest in the position. Thank the employer for his or her time and indicate that you look forward to a response in the near future.

Saying thank is not simply a courtesy but a sales tool. It refreshes the employer's image of you. If an employer is trying to decide between you and other candidates for the same position, this may be the added thrust that will encourage the employer to bring you back for additional interviews or offer you the position.