Why Study the Middle School License Program?

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The Middle School License Program at IU Southeast offers interested candidates a certification for teaching junior high/middle school. For more information regarding this licensure please contact the School of Education Graduate Program Advisor, Mrs. Jane Riehl via e-mail or (812) 941-2449.

  • Applicants must hold a valid teaching license.

    For candidates admitted after 7/15/2011, a two-year gap in coursework will require a new application for re-admission into any graduate program, and a mandatory meeting with a program advisor. The re-admitted candidate must then comply with any new program requirements, if any.

Admission Requirements

  1. Complete online application. A $40 application fee is assessed when applying to program. If a previous application fee was paid the fee should be waived. To determine if fee is to be waived, please contact our Record Specialist.

    Mary Ann Wild
    Record Specialist
    Phone: (812) 941-2388

  2. Submit copy of current teaching license or state of eligibility. (Emergency license not acceptable.)
  3. Submit official transcripts of all undergraduate and graduate work completed at institutions other than an IU school.
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