Returned Checks

What if my check or web ACH payment is returned?

The return by the bank of any dishonored check/item which you have issued: (1) for fees; (2) for previous balance billed; or (3) anywhere on campus will be assessed a fee of $27.50 or 5% of the face value (whichever is greater), with a maximum of $250 per returned item. The agreement with our bank is that checks will be sent through twice before they are returned to us as a dishonored check. However, once we have received a dishonored check/item it is considered a returned check regardless of the number of times it has been sent through by our bank. The issuance of a stop payment order through your bank DOES NOT constitute official withdrawal from University classes.

PLEASE NOTE: The Office of the Bursar will contact the student for any check/item that was written for tuition fees and was returned by the bank as dishonored. The amount of the dishonored check/item and the returned check service charge will need to be paid with guaranteed funds by a specified date.

Dishonored checks/items for fees other than tuition must be paid with guaranteed funds in the appropriate amount (including the returned check service charge) by the next billing due date. These accounts will also be flagged with "No Checks Accepted".

In either case, once payment has been received for the returned check/item, the "No checks Accepted" flag will be removed however; if we receive two (2) or more returned checks/items on any one account, we will not accept another personal check for a minimum of two (2) years.