Bursar Terminology

Account Encumbrance

The Office of the Bursar is responsible for the collection of any outstanding University financial obligations. All outstanding items must be paid or cleared by the originating department. An encumbered account will be denied certain University services until paid in full. These withheld services include: receiving transcripts or diplomas, obtaining short-term loans, and validating registrations. Furthermore, future deferments may be denied if there is a history of late-payments.

Guaranteed Funds

Guaranteed funds are considered cash, money order, cashier's checks, or certified checks. When guaranteed funds are required, personal checks and company or business checks will not be accepted as payment.


Identification is required for transactions with the Office of the Bursar. Valid ID is any official form of identification with a photo and signature (i.e. current driver's license or student ID card). Additional ID card information may be found in the Student Information section.

Account Statement

The statement indicates all obligations owed the University and may have the following notations or flags. Make note of these flags and follow all instructions.

  1. Contact Student Loan Administration
    A notation to contact Student Loan Administration (SLA) means that SLA has encumbered the account. If the account is not released by SLA, the enrollment may be terminated even if full payment has been received. Recipients of financial aid will not receive financial aid credits until a clearance has been obtained from the SLA office. For SLA information please telephone: 1-800-458-8756.
  2. No Checks Accepted
    If this notation appears on the statement, payment of fees or other items must be made with guaranteed funds only. Guaranteed funds include cash, cashier's check, certified check or money order. No personal or company checks will be accepted on this account. If a personal check is sent, the check may be returned and the enrollment is subject to termination. For more information see our section on Returned Checks.
  3. Personal Deferment Option Denied
    (Installment Plan) If this notation appears on the statement, the installment plan is not authorized. The deferment option is denied for a one-year academic period. All fees must be paid in full by the due date. For more information please see our section on Personal Deferments.
  4. "CR" After Total Due
    Do not pay an amount that has a “CR” in the Total Due box. This credit balance indicator may indicate that an excess of funds has been previously applied to the account. A review of the account may generate a refund check, which will be mailed to the address on record with the Office of the Registrar. Payments for a "CR" amount may be returned unprocessed.