Employee Tuition Benefit

What is the IU Tuition Benefit?

Employee & Spouse Tuition Benefit: For employees, retirees, spouses and registered domestic partners the tuition benefit value is 100% of covered tuition up to a dollar limit based on the Indiana resident per credit hour rates at each campus, and, in the case of employees, on class standing (undergraduate, graduate, or professional*). Covered tuition does include audit hours and independent study. Independent study will be administered as a reimbursement after the course has been completed.
Dependent Child Tuition Benefit: Dependent Child Tuition Benefit is a subsidy of 50% of the Indiana resident undergraduate rate, for a maximum of the first 140 credit hours (which includes any transfer hours) toward the first bachelor's degree as long as they meet the dependent child requirements as listed in the policy. Tuition Benefit will apply to independent study; however will be administered as a reimbursement after the course has been completed.

  • Tuition Benefit is not a cash award; rather, it is an employee benefit that pays a portion of the credit-hour fees, and in some cases, audit fees.
  • Tuition Benefit does not apply to special fees, such as those for laboratories, applied music, student teaching, education early experience, dissertation research fee (G901), or rental of special equipment and facilities. Tuition Benefit for the dependent child does not apply to audit hours.
  • At the time of registration, the Office of Human Resources in Bloomington determines the exact value of Tuition Benefit, eligibility is verified, and the Tuition Benefit award is credited to the student's account.
  • Tuition Benefit awards are reduced or canceled if the student or employee's eligibility ceases.
  • Any changes in the student's enrollment may also result in changes to the amount of Tuition Benefit. Then the Office of the Bursar will bill the student for applicable fees.
  • Tuition Benefit for graduate level courses is treated as taxable income under 1996 Federal legislation. In accordance with IRS regulations, these taxes will be withheld from the employee's pay. The employee's pay notice will include reference to the amount of Tuition Benefit included as taxable income.

The dollar limits for each campus can be found at: www.indiana.edu/~uhrs/benefits