Bursar Pay Release

The way you pay your bursar bill is changing

On October 31, Indiana University will transition to a new electronic billing and payment system for student bursar accounts at all campuses. Billing will be internal to IU, accessed through OneStart’s “View/Pay Bursar Bill” link with each campus’s electronic payment options.

What to do now

Students with Authorized Payers in the QuikPAY system will need to grant 3rd Party Access to their bursar accounts and bills in OneStart, available now. 3rd Party Users with bursar access are required to have an email address and will receive monthly statement notifications from IU Bursar Pay (IUbp@iu.edu). Students will continue to receive email notifications from IU Bursar Pay when new bills are created.

NOTE: If a student has already given 3rd Party Access (for access to grades, class schedules, financial aid information, etc.), those users will keep their current username and password. The student will need to grant access to bursar information and add an email address for the user.

What makes Bursar Pay better than QuikPAY?

IU Bursar Pay

  • is more user friendly, with Help text;
  • is mobile compatible so bills can be viewed and paid on a smart phone;
  • allows users to run a history of bursar account activity by monthly statement, date range, or term; and
  • requires only one 3rd Party Access username and password for all institutional records. (A separate username and password was required for Authorized Payers in QuikPAY.)

When does QuikPAY completely go away?

Monthly statements for 2013 will be available in OneStart in the new bill format. Students or Authorized Payers wanting to keep statements in the QuikPAY format will need to download or print them by October 30th. QuikPAY will no longer be accessible after October 30th.

October 30 is the last day that an electronic payment can be made in QuikPAY.

For additional information and instructions, please check with your campus bursar office. To add 3rd Party User Access, see http://kb.iu.edu/data/auoz.html .