SCHOOL CODE:  001817

STEP 5: Appealing Eligibility

You may wish to submit an appeal for a number of different circumstances, which include:

Appealing Satisfactory Academic Progress

Students who fail to meet these standards and have mitigating circumstances may appeal to the Office of Student Financial Aid by completing the satisfactory academic progress appeal process.

The most common reasons resulting in approved appeals are:

  1. Learning Disability
  2. Severe injury or extended illness
  3. Illness or death of a family member

Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeals

  • All appeals must be submitted electronically through the online appeal process.
  • All notifications and correspondence regarding appeals will be sent to the student's IU Southeast email address.
  • All appeals should be submitted no later than 30 days prior to the end of the semester or enrollment period for which the student is seeking aid. Appeals submitted after that point might not be processed in time to receive aid for that semester.
  • No deferments of IU Southeast charges will be granted during the appeal process. The student is responsible for any late charges or penalties assessed.
  • For complete information on the satisfactory academic progress standards, visit the Maintaining Aid Eligibility section of our website.

The Appeal Process

  • Access the online appeal process here
    • Select the appropriate semester/financial aid year for your appeal.
    • Complete the appeal form.
    • Upload any supporting documentation.  Please keep file sizes small.
    • You can save the appeal and come back to finish later.  The save function will not submit your appeal to the committee.
    • Click the submit button when your appeal form is finalized.  The submit function will submit the appeal to the committee for review.
    • You may log back into the appeal later to check the appeal status. Appeals are reviewed within four weeks but may take longer during peak periods (July-August)
    • If the committee requires additional information or documentation from you, your status will change on the appeal screen and an email will be sent to your IU email account containing the details of the committee’s request.
    • Should the committee decide to approve your appeal, you will be required to agree to an academic plan.  You will be sent an email containing instructions.  You must then log back into the appeal form and accept the terms of the agreement in order to be approved for financial aid.  If you have completed all other items on your Onestart To Do list, your aid will package approximately 5-10 business days after agreeing to your academic plan.
    • If your appeal is denied, you will be sent an email containing the reasons for the denial and you will no longer be eligible for financial aid.
      • Questions or concerns regarding denied appeals should be addressed to the Director of Financial Aid.
    • If you disagree with your academic plan, you will not be eligible for financial aid.

Parents and/or students wishing to file a Special Circumstances, Budget, or Parent in School Appeal must have submitted a FAFSA for the year in question, and must complete the appropriate form, attach all required documentation and submit the form to the financial aid office no later than 30 days prior to the end of the semester. Incomplete or late submissions may not be able to be considered. For students who are receiving state aid, no adjustments will be made to their FAFSA until after the 4th week of classes. Forms are available by clicking on the individual forms linked below. Note: All forms are in PDF format.

Special Circumstances Appeal

(Student or Parent): This appeal should be used if circumstances beyond the student's control have affected their income or have added extraordinary expense during the academic year. Successful appeals may result in a reduced Expected Family Contribution.

Budget Appeal

Every student is given a budget calculation based on their living arrangements (from their FAFSA information), credit hours and weeks in school. This budget is used to determine the student's Cost of Attendance (COA) and establish the maximum amount of aid a student could be eligible for. Students with unusual or extraordinary living expenses may file an appeal to have their budget adjusted using actual expenses rather than estimated expenses. Appeals should include significant evidence of expenses.

Parents in School Appeal

Dependent students with one or both parents attending school at least 1/2 time in a degree-seeking program may appeal for special consideration. Parents must provide evidence of enrollment and degree status.

Dependency Status Appeal

Students who do not meet the federal definition of an independent student but who have extraordinary circumstances beyond their control which have prevented their parent(s) from providing for them may be eligible to appeal their dependency status. Students must provide written documentation and 3rd party confirmation of the situation and must file a new appeal every year until they meet federal criteria for independence.

Drug-Free Campus Information - Appealing

The Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act Amendment of 1989, enacted by Congress as Public Law 101-226, requires an institution of higher education to adopt and implement a program designed to prevent the unlawful possession, use, or distribution of illicit drugs and alcohol by students and employees. In some cases, conviction of drug-related offenses could result in the student's ineligibility for federal funds or other forms of assistance.

All students are encouraged to read the Drug-Free Campus information published in the Schedule of Classes. Questions or comments should be addressed to the Vice-Chancellor for Student Affairs, Room US-155, at (812)941-2420.