SCHOOL CODE:  001817

For Students


Want a work-study job? QUALIFY AND APPLY

  1. QUALIFY - You must have a work-study award to apply for a work-study job. Apply for an award by requesting work-study on the FAFSA. Does your financial aid package include an award? If not, request an award now via email to (from your IU email account).
  2. APPLY - Complete the work-study application and check out the the work-study job listing. Each job has it's own instructions for applying. (See only 1 page of jobs?  Use the arrow in the upper right-hand corner to see more!)

Want to be notified by e-mail when new jobs are posted? Create an account on the Career Development Career Link! While you are at it, take a look at the other great services available through Career Development.

First Steps After You are Hired

  1. After your background check clears you will receive an e-authorization through your IU email.
  2. Contact your employer to set up your work schedule and complete hiring paperwork.
  3. Visit Human Resources to turn in your paperwork and learn the online TIME system.
  4. Sign up for Direct Deposit through OneStart.
What are the EXPECTATIONS?
  1. Read the work-study student employee manual and send an email to confirm you read it.
  2. Be a responsible employee by following the rules in the manual and your employer's expectations.
  3. Be a responsible student - make sure your academics are your top priority
  4. Track your hours - use the handy tracking sheet found in our forms section.
  1. When you have worked 19 hours in one work week STOP
  2. When you have worked the total number of hours on your authorization STOP
  3. When you have stopped attending or are no longer enrolled in classes STOP
  4. When we have reached the "End date" on your authorization STOP

Work-Study Training

ON-LINE TRAINING: an opportunity to improve work skills by reading the work-study student employee manual (required) and completing a free on-line training series offered through USA Funds. Students who complete any or all of the six modules may forward their completion notification emails to their supervisor and to the work-study coordinator for scholarship purposes. Once you have read the manual and completed this training you do not have to repeat. Follow the instructions below to begin the following modules:

  • 001 Workplace Time-Management Skills 0607 Academic Year (30 minutes)
  • 002 Dealing with Difficult Situations 0607 Academic Year (30 minutes)
  • 003 FERPA and Confidentiality 0607 Academic Year (45 minutes)
  • 004 Effective Communication Skills 0607 Academic Year (30 minutes)
  • 005 E-mail and Telephone Etiquette 0607 Academic Year (30 minutes)
  • 006 Business Etiquette and Office Culture 0607 Academic Year (30 minutes)

INSTRUCTIONS: To begin training, go to USA Funds University and log in or follow the "Request a New Account" link to register. Enter 00181700 for the "OPE ID". Be sure and note your user ID and password for future sessions. Select the "Student-Employee" category and follow the links to begin training. Remember to paste your scores into an email and send to the work-study coordinator for credit. To view and copy your scores look under "Transcripts" under the "My Portfolio" tab.

Having trouble registering? Try again from one of the student computers in any of the labs or public areas on campus, or from home. If you still have trouble please notify us