SCHOOL CODE:  001817

Work Study

2014/2015 WORK-STUDY:  8/17/2014 to 5/9/2015

Summer 2014 Work-study:  5/11/2014 - 8/16/2014

Work-Study Forms

Don't have a work-study award?  Request one now from your IU email account.

Search for work-study jobs on the IU Southeast Career Development website.

Fall jobs may not begin posting until July. Only see 1 page of jobs?  Use the arrow in the upper right-hand corner!

STUDENTS:  To apply for one of the listed work-study positions contact the employer directly.  Give them a completed work-study application and a print of either your IU Email work-study confirmation or your financial aid award summary (see OneStart's Student Center) showing you have a work-study award (in OneStart's Student Center).  Learn more about the program and requirements through the "For Students" link. 

EMPLOYERS:  To receive authorization for new hires submit the student's completed work-study application with your part completed on the bottom of the form to the financial aid office. Include their background check results. Learn more about your benefits and responsibilities in this program through the "For Employers" link.

What is Work-Study?

Students with a work-study financial aid award are eligible to apply for work-study jobs, designed to accommodate the students' class schedules and allow them to earn part-time wages during the semester. Work-study jobs can be found on-campus or at schools, non-profit organizations or businesses in the community. Only jobs posted through Career Development qualify for the program.

Students must have a work-study award in their financial aid package to apply for work-study positions. The work-study award represents the maximum amount the student can earn in their work-study position throughout the year. This award does NOT apply to the student's bill. Students get regular paychecks as they work, just like any other job. if they don't earn as much as they've been awarded, the balance does not carry forward. Students cannot earn MORE than their award during the course of the fall and spring semesters.  Summer awards are offered as needed if funds are available.