SCHOOL CODE:  001817

Indiana State Grant Program (SSACI)

The State Student Assistance Commission of Indiana (SSACI) Grants include:

  1. Frank O'Bannon Higher Education Award
  2. 21st Century Scholar Award and Summer Gear Up Scholarship
  3. National Guard Award
  4. CVO (Child of Disabled or Deceased Veteran or Officer) award
  5. Minority Teaching/Special Education and Nursing Scholarships

To check the status of your SSACI award log on to "eStudent" at and check the following FAQ's before calling our office.


Question: Why didn't my state grant show up on my Bursar's bill as a credit? There might be several reasons:

  1. IU Southeast not listed as first college on the FAFSA - To fix this problem DO NOT change your FAFSA. Go to and log in to eStudent. Make the change under the "Change College" tab.
  2. Not a full-time student - You have to be in at least 12 hours to receive the 21st Century or Frank O'Bannon award. We look at your enrollment before the semester and again 28 days into the semester.
  3. SSACI says you have errors to fix - SSACI would have sent you a postcard in April about this. If you did not make the corrections by May 10th it's too late, but you can still get this award next year if you file your FAFSA and take care of any errors before the deadlines. (Note: some errors can't be fixed, such as a late FAFSA submission or not being an Indiana resident.)
  4. Verification not complete - If you were selected for verification (check your TO DO list on OneStart) you have to turn in paperwork, then we need about 30 days to finish the process.
  5. Don't meet Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) - Check your TO DO list and IU email. You can submit a SAP appeal for consideration.

    After you've made any of these corrections, your record will show up on a report and you should see your aid post to your Bursar's account within 2 weeks. if not, give us a call.

Question: Why is my state grant lower than SSACI's award letter or why didn't I get a SSACI award at all? There might be several reasons:

  1. You are in less than 15 credit hours - SSACI's estimated award is based on 15 hours. Awards for students in 12, 13 or 14 hours will be less or may be $0.
  2. You missed the state deadlines for FAFSA submission (March 10) or correction (May 10) - visit the SSACI website to check your status
  3. Your verification reduced your eligibility - SSACI awards are based on academics AND need. If the US Department of Education's verification process raised your Expected Family Contribution (EFC) your SSACI aid could change. Visit the SSACI website to view your new award amount for 15 hours/semester.
  4. You have other "fee remission" aid - if you have other types of financial aid that also can only be used to pay specific tuition fees your SSACI award must be reduced. You can't have both.

Question: Why was my state grant reduced or cancelled? There might be several reasons:

  1. You changed your schedule/dropped classes. Awards for students in 12, 13 or 14 hours will be less than for students in 15 or more, and may be $0.
  2. Your financial status or enrollment status changed after your SSACI award posted to your account - we monitor your account weekly but corrections sometimes are not made until after the first week of class. If you received a refund and know you are going to make or recently made schedule changes, check with Financial Aid before spending all of your refund. You may need to return part of it.

    If these explanations do not apply to you or you have more questions, call our SSACI specialist at (812) 941-2029.