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Online & Distance Education


If you are a degree-seeking student at Indiana University Southeast, you should obtain approval for specific distance learning courses from the dean of the school or division from which you expect to graduate. If you are a degree-seeking student from another college or university, we strongly recommend that you talk to your academic advisor to make sure that credits you earn from an IU Southeast course will apply to your degree program.

Distance learning provides a tremendous opportunity for those whose work or family schedules have prevented them from realizing their educational dreams. Whether you live hundreds of miles away or just across the street from a campus, technology today is a solid bridge to link you with teachers, other learners, and a rich choice of learning options.

Indiana University is a member of the Indiana College Network and we encourage you to take advantage of the many online classes offered through this resource. Please note that each IU campus has their own online classes and schedules. Financial Aid may or may not be available for online classes that apply toward your degree through other campuses.

**At this time, the Department of Financial Aid at IU Southeast cannot apply Federal or State aid to online classes offered through the School of Continuing Studies Program at the Bloomington campus. We can provide financial aid for all classes through our regional counterparts not associated with the School of Continuing Studies "Independent Study Program."

For example, if you are a undergraduate at IU Southeast pursuing a bachelor's degree and you find A201 offered online through one of our regional campuses you can take it and receive financial aid through IU Southeast with a completed 'Consortium Agreement' form. If you choose to take A201w through the Independent Study Program at the IU Bloomington campus, Federal and/or State Aid is not available.

We encourage you to review the Indiana College Network. If you are an IU Southeast student and have any questions, please call 812-941-2246. We will be the only office to advise you on financial aid availability based on the information you provide.

We cannot give specific advice as to 'how or when' to register for online classes through other regional campuses, but we can immediately advise the availability of Federal and/or State Aid depending on the program you choose.
Schedules through regional campuses

Each Indiana University campus has its own academic schedule. The schedule for each campus can be found at: