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External Scholarship Information

Where to send scholarship checks

Send all scholarship checks for students attending the IU Southeast campus to the Office of the Bursar:

    • IU Southeast
    • Office of the Bursar
    • UC South Room 103
    • 4201 Grant Line Road
    • New Albany, IN 47150

Make all scholarship checks payable to Indiana University Southeast. Scholarship checks for students attending other IU campuses should be mailed directly to the campus where the student is enrolled.

****Note: If a check is made payable to IU Southeast AND the student, the student will be required to sign the check.  The student should contact the Bursar at 941-2335 in order to confirm the check was received and to make arrangements to sign.


What to include with a scholarship check

Please include the following with each check:

  • Student's full name and the last four digits of her social security number
  • Student's IU University ID (10 digits)
  • Scholarship donor's name, address, and phone number
  • Letter from donor with any scholarship stipulations


When to send scholarship checks

In order for scholarships to credit a student's account before their charges are due, we recommend that checks be submitted to the Office of the Bursar by these dates:

  • July 1 for fall semester
  • October 1 for spring semester
  • March 1 for summer sessions


Scholarship disbursement

Endorsement of scholarship checks by students is not necessary, since funds are applied directly to their bursar accounts.

Once students are enrolled in at least one credit hour, their scholarships credit their bursar accounts.

Scholarships are disbursed entirely in the current semester, or to the student's greatest benefit.

Scholarship funds first pay students' outstanding IU charges. After a student's current IU charges are paid, any credit balance is refunded to the student by the Office of the Bursar. If students or donors wish for any credit balance to be held for future charges, rather than refunded to the student, the student must make these arrangements directly with the Office of the Bursar.


Effects of scholarships on other aid

The receipt of a private scholarship may result in the reduction or repayment of need-based financial assistance previously awarded to the student by Indiana University. In accordance with federal regulations, our office is required to monitor whether a student's total financial assistance remains within their financial need-based eligibility. Similar practices are followed with some institutional need-based grants. Whenever possible, self-help awards (loans and Federal Work-Study) are reduced before federal or institutional gift-aid.


Refunds to scholarship donors

Once an award has credited a student's account in the current semester, the student's enrollment status is not monitored. If a student withdraws from school after he/she has received an award, the donor is responsible for collecting any scholarship funds disbursed. However, if a student withdraws from school before he/she receives an award, any non-disbursed funds are refunded to the donor.


Disclosure of a student's cost of attendance and other financial aid

Donors wishing information regarding the student's other awards, estimated cost of attendance, or financial need should ask the student to submit a copy of his or her Financial Aid Award Notice. This standard award letter is available to students through the Financial Aid office.

If this information is to be entered on a form provided by the donor, forms should be mailed to the address below. We recommend that requests for information be submitted to the IU Southeast Student Financial Aid Office by these dates:

  • July 1 for fall semester
  • October 1 for spring semester
  • March 1 for summer sessions

A student's signed authorization to release confidential information to the donor must be received by the Associate Director of Scholarships before any information can be provided to the donor. Verification of actual costs of attendance should be obtained directly from the student.


Bill/Invoice for scholarship payment

Financial Aid does not bill donors for scholarship payments. If an invoice or bill is required for payment, the student needs to provide their account statement from the Office of the Bursar. If bills for housing, books, or other educational costs are required, the donor needs to ask the student to obtain appropriate documentation from all eligible creditors.


Restriction of credit hour funds to scholarship fees

Scholarship funds generally pay the oldest charges on a student's bursar account, regardless of the nature of the charges. If a donor includes a letter with the scholarship check indicating that the funds are limited to tuition and fee charges, Office of Financial Aid will ensure at the time of check processing that the sum of a student's tuition-restricted scholarships and grants does not exceed the student's tuition costs. If at that time the student has already received other tuition-restricted scholarships and grants that equal a student's costs, Office of Financial Aid will return any additional tuition-restricted scholarship funds to the donor. Once a scholarship is applied to a student's account, the student would need to notify the donor if he or she accepts any other funding that is restricted to tuition and fees. We encourage scholarship donors to have their scholarship recipients notify donors directly if they accept any additional support that is restricted to tuition and fees.

In some cases, scholarship donors who are paying all or a significant portion of a student's tuition and fees may wish to make special payment arrangements with the Office of the Bursar. In those cases, the Office of the Bursar may be able to reserve a student's tuition charges, so that they are only paid with a particular donor's funds. Donors interested in this option should call the Sponsored Billing area in the Office of the Bursar at(812) 941-2335. There is a small fee for this service, and we recommend that donors make these arrangements by the following dates:

  • July 1 for fall semester
  • October 1 for spring semester
  • March 1 for summer sessions


Confirmation of enrollment

Office of Registrar will provide a confirmation of enrollment at the student's or donor's request, in order to facilitate a scholarship payment.


Evaluation of academic performance

If an evaluation of academic performance is required for scholarship payments, the Office of the Registrar can provide this information to the student or mail it to the scholarship donor. Students may select between two documents: the official Indiana University transcript or an Indiana University document (Abbreviated Transcript) used for verification of academic record information. A student's signed release and payment would be required for either document. Call (812) 941-2240 or visit the Registrar's web site to find instructions for requesting official transcripts or abbreviated transcripts for certification purposes.


Confirmation of check receipt

The cancelled scholarship check serves as the donor's receipt. If donors need further documentation of their donation for tax purposes, they must make special arrangements with the IU Foundation prior to mailing any scholarship check. Donors interested in making these arrangements for tax purposes should contact the Joint Gift Office in the IU Foundation at(812) 855-9391.


For more information

If you have questions about these procedures, please contact Office of Financial Aid:

Indiana University Southeast
University Center - South RM 105
4201 Grant Line Rd
New Albany, IN 47150
Fax:(812) 941-2246