SCHOOL CODE:  001817

More Tips for Applying


It goes without saying that essays should observe the general rules of English. It is also recommended that you put your name on each page of the essay. Cover pages, plastic report covers, etc. are not necessary and will be removed when we process them. Because faculty read the essays to understand you better and gauge your abilities, be sure to edit thoroughly, use spell check, and have someone else review your essay. Originality is encouraged, but observance of grammar rules is even more important!


Some of the scholarships require interviews of the final candidates. Some competitive scholarships will require an interview during the final selection process. Be sure to dress professionally and be prepared. It is always helpful to have a "script" about your educational goals, how this scholarship will help you achieve those goals, as well as an explanation about the unique qualities you have to offer to the scholarship program.

Recommendation Letters:

An academic advisor or faculty member who can attest to your character and academic performance must complete the recommendation letters. If you have been out of school for some time, you may submit recommendation letters from clergy members or employers. Recommenders cannot be family members. The preferred method for submission of recommendation letters is online via the recommender's tab on the online scholarship application.  Paper letters may still be submitted.  They should be printed on letterhead and sealed, then sent to our office.


Recommendations can be used for multiple scholarships if applicable. However, make sure the eligible criteria for the specific scholarship for which you are applying is reinforced by your recommender.