Residency & Reciprocity

Rules Determining Resident and Nonresident Student Status for Indiana University Fee Purposes

Application for Classification as a Resident Student at Indiana University for Fee-Paying Purposes. (PDF)

Reciprocity (Kentucky Students)

Application for Reciprocity (PDF)

State tuition reciprocity agreements are arrangements between two or more states where the citizens of a defined region in one state can enroll at identified institutions in another state (and vice versa) for a reduced tuition charge.  The states of Indiana and Kentucky desire to provide postsecondary opportunities for the residents of designated counties in both states.  Under this agreement, eligible students will be assessed tuition and fees at the enrolling institutions rate, unless otherwise stated in this agreement. 

The period covered by this Agreement is:  July 1, 2013 - June 30, 2017.  If this agreement is not renewed, enrolled reciprocity students may complete their degree programs with state support at reciprocal rates of tuition or at the then-current rate as otherwise specficied so long as they maintain continuous enrollment.

The six counties of Bullitt, Jefferson, Oldham, Meade, Shelby, and Trimble in Kentucky are under this agreement with IU Southeast.

Students must still meet the basic 12-month residency rule as defined in Rule 1 of the "Rules Determining Resident and Nonresident Student Status for Indiana University Fee Purposes."

  1. “Residence” as the term, or any of its variations (e.g., “resided”), as used in the context of these Rules, means the place where an individual has his or her permanent home, at which he or she remains when not called elsewhere for labor, studies, or other special or temporary purposes, and to which he or she returns in seasons of repose. It is the place a person has voluntarily fixed as a permanent habitation for himself or herself with an intent to remain in such place for an indefinite period. A person at any one time has but one residence, and a residence cannot be lost until another is gained.
    1. A person entering the state from another state or country does not at that time acquire residence for the purpose of these Rules, but except as provided in Rule 2(c)1, such person must be a resident for 12 months in order to qualify as a resident student for fee purposes.
    2. Physical presence in Indiana for the predominant purpose of attending a college, university, or other institution of higher education, shall not be counted in determining the 12-month period of residence; nor shall absence from Indiana for such purpose deprive a person of resident student status.

For maps and additional information check the information for Kentucky students page.