Metroversity General Information

Indiana University Southeast is a member of Kentuckiana Metroversity, Inc., a consortium of institutions of higher education in the Louisville metropolitan area. Subject to Metroversity rules and those of the host institution, a full-time undergraduate student may register for a maximum of two courses (maximum 8 credit hours) during the Fall / Spring semester only, at another member school.  Full time graduate students may take up to one course (maximum 4 credit hours) during the Fall / Spring semester only, at another member school. 

Participating schools

The following are participating schools in the Kentuckiana area: Bellarmine College, Indiana University Southeast, Ivy Tech Community College (Sellersburg campus), Jefferson Community College, Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Spalding University, and University of Louisville


Metroversity forms are available online or from the Registrar's office at the home institution.  Metroversity registration forms must be filled out completely and signed the student's academic advisor.  Once this is done, the registration form must be signed by the Metroversity coordinator located in the Registrar's office. Permission must be obtained from the home and host Registrars before a full-time student may cross register.  Please consult Academic Calendar for Metroversity registration dates.


All full-time students in good standing who have earned a minimum of twelve hours at IU Southeast and maintain a 2.0 GPA at the undergraduate level or 3.0 GPA at the graduate level are eligible to participate in Metroversity.  Some exceptions to this rule do apply.  Please speak to the Metroversity coordinator for more information on these exceptions.

Tuition and Schedules

Tuition will be assessed to the student at IU Southeast's normal class rates and students will pay IU Southeast directly for all Metroversity classes.  PLEASE NOTE:  Students who participate in Metroversity are held to the same calendar restrictions as all IU Southeast students.  Drop/Add deadlines, Tuition Refund dates and percentages, Late Registration fees, etc. are based on IU Southeast dates rather than the institution at which the course is taken.

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