Purdue College of Technology Courses


Purdue students are encouraged to seek early advising before registering.  Call 812-206-8381 to make an appointment.  The Purdue offices are located at the Purdue Technology Center, 3000 Technology Avenue, New Albany, IN.  Andrew Takami is the Director.

To be admitted to the Purdue College of Technology, students must obtain an application for admission from the Purdue Office.  Purdue students cannot apply for fee deferments or obtain financail aid through IUS.  Financial aid and tuition fee deferments MUST BE INITIATED THROUGH THE PURDUE PROGRAMS OFFICE. 

Purdue University's College of Technology offers four BS degree programs in cooperation with Indiana University Southeast:  Computer Graphics Technology, Electrical Engineering Technology, Mechanical Engineering Technology, and Organizational Leadership and Supervision. 

Classes in all four of these degree programs are open and available to IU Southeast students.

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