General Education Requirement

General education at IU Southeast includes campuswide requirements, which apply to all baccalauereate degrees, and requirements that are specific to each degree.  Some degrees have extensive general education requirements of their own, whereas others have relatively few requirements beyond those established by the campus.

For details on the General Education Requirements and courses that meet the requirements, please go to:

The AAR (Adademic Advising Report)

The AAR (Adademic Advising Report) is also a tool one can use to find a list of courses that will meet the general education requirements.

The resulting report will begin with an advising transcript, summarizing all transfer, test, and other credit; as well as a semester by semester listing of all courses completed at IUS and other IU campuses. Mid-way through the report, it will display General Education Requirements, showing how courses already completed fulfill certain requirements; and displaying grids of course options that will fulfill other requirements. Pay special attention to any recommendations, (usually in brackets).   These recommendations are guides to how, by taking a specific course, you can fulfill both a General Education and a major requirement.

Bachelor of Arts Degrees - additional General Education requirements

In addition to meeting all of the campuswide General Education requirements, there are additional general education requirements specific to ALL Bachelor of Arts degrees. 

A list of the courses meeting these requirements can be found on your AAR,  in the IUS Bulletin, or at this link:  BA Distribution requirements

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