Nominations for 2022 Distinguished Service Awards

I seek your help in identifying and rewarding distinguished service to Indiana University Southeast. These awards are an important way by which the University can recognize and encourage outstanding performance by its members in three areas: Clerical, Professional/Technical, Service/Maintenance.

Distinguished Service Awards will be presented at the State of the Campus meeting at the beginning of the Fall Semester.

To select the recipient in each category, selection criteria have been established and a selection committee has been named. I now ask everyone in the campus community to consider nominating the person you believe is most deserving of the award in each category.

Nominations must be submitted by May 25, 2022.

Thank you for taking the time to be involved in this important endeavor.

2021 Award Winners

Danny Clements
Danny Clements
Professional / Technical

Christy Thomas
Christy Thomas

Facility Operations Staff
Facility Operations Staff
Service / Maintenance

Award Information

Distinguished Services Award Nominee and Award Recipient Information


The following criteria constitute the basis for nominations and for committee recommendations for recipients for the awards:

  1. Job performance
    1. Individual initiative: performance above and beyond the normal expectations of the position.
    2. Extraordinary assignments: performance relating to extra assignments by a supervisor.
    3. Exemplary conduct of normal duties (e.g., attendance, dependability, punctuality, etc.).
  2. Personal attitude which is positive and professional in all contacts with others; and which represents the university in the best possible way.
  3. Commitment to the mission and goals of IU Southeast, as reflected by service and responsiveness which is above and beyond what is expected in job performance and evidence of loyalty to IU Southeast.
  4. At least three (3) years of employment (appointed) at IU Southeast as of the date of nomination request letter from Chancellor’s office.
  5. Prior years’ recipients shall not be eligible for the same award unless the award was granted over ten (10) years ago.

Review Committee Composition

  1. A committee shall be appointed by the Chancellor to review nominations for the awards and recommend confidentially to the Chancellor recipients in each staff category (i.e., PA/TE, CL, LE, and SM).
  2. The committee shall include nine (9) members, selected by the Chancellor
    • (3) The most recent award recipients in each of the three categories
    • (2) Two representatives of the Staff Council
      • (1) One Professional staff member
      • (1) One Bi-weekly staff member
    • (2) Two students selected from nominees submitted by the SGA president
    • (2) Two at-large members, from within the above groups or from other previous recipients.
  3. The Chancellor shall appoint the committee chairperson.
  4. The committee shall include at least one member from the previous year’s committee.

Instructions to the Committee

  1. The committee shall follow procedures and criteria as outlined in this document. However, if no candidates judged meet the criteria in a particular category, the committee shall not recommend a recipient in that category.
  2. All proceedings of this committee must be kept strictly confidential.
  3. The Chancellor shall review the recommendations of the committee and select and announce the award recipients at an appropriate time.


The following procedures are recommended for receiving and reviewing nominations:

  1. The Chancellor shall solicit nominations and receive them through the Chancellor’s office. Any IU Southeast faculty member, staff member, or student may submit nominations.
  2. A nomination shall address the above criteria and be submitted through a web form distributed through a nomination solicitation email from the Chancellor’s office to the campus community.
  3. The Chancellor’s office will secure from the Human Resources Department a copy of the job description of each nominee.
  4. The names of the nominees will be submitted by the Chancellor’s office confidentially to the Human Resources Director, who will then notify the Chancellor’s Office of any pending or relevant adverse personnel action(s) and confirm that the nominees have a minimum of three (3) years’ appointed employment with IU Southeast.
  5. The Chancellor’s office will then notify each nominee’s supervisor and solicit a one-page letter of support from the supervisor, specifically addressing the selection criteria. If there is more than one nominee from a supervisor’s area, the supervisor will be asked to rank the nominees. This ranking is to be considered as the only advisory to the committee.
  6. The Chancellor’s office shall convene the committee and provide the nominations and letters of support to the committee chair.
  7. The committee shall review each nomination according to the selected criteria, following an impartial process set forth by the Chancellor, and recommend recipients, if applicable, in each of the three categories in a confidential manner to the Chancellor.
  8. The Chancellor will review and approve the selection of the recipients and make an announcement at an appropriate time.
  9. Recipients must choose an award of an IU Southeast captain’s chair or a one-time monetary award of $500.


Nominations must be submitted by May 25, 2022.

Past Award Winners

Year Professional/
Clerical Service/
2020 Joe Glover Michelle Clements Danny Wilson
2019 Kirk Randolph Mary Ann Wild Beth Hogan
2018 Julie Ingram Mary Patterson Lesa Dean
2017 Michael Turley  Kim Shaughnessy Bettie Ricketts
2016 Kim Pelle Amanda Dailey-Weaver Sean Engleman
2015 Melissa D. Hill Christine Thompson James M. Curd
2014 Earl Toepfert Bridgette Adams Mark O’Connell
2013 Ashley McKay Jennifer Hershfield Rick Bozynski
2012 Steven Clark Angie Clark Stephen Miller
2011 Gregory Roberts Cari Edwards David Kaiser
2010 Lynn Prinz Trudy Walter Monica Wise
2009 Jodie Beatty Leslie Turner Loretta Seals
2008 Tom Prinz Donna Harvey Rick D. Moon
2007 Kathy Corbean Sherry Pfeiffer Ruben Borrego
2006 M. Jo Hatfield Linda Williams Karyn Webb
2005 Brittany J. Hubbard Sharon P. Burke Dennis O. Simon
2004 Michael Kerstiens Teresa A. Andrews Elizabeth J. Hogan
2003 Samuel C. Asberry Alicia L. Stanley Pearline S. Molet
2002 Kim D. Pelle Jon C. Norman -
2001 Juanita Schickel Mary Ann Braden John Brendle
2000 Thomas Prebys Dodie Swords-Simms Arlie Dixon
1999 Pat DeWees Lesley Deal Kim Draughn
1998 Kirk W. Klaphaak Elizabeth McMahan Mark E. Kessinger
1997 Keith T. Cornille Wesley A. Rose Gerald L. Clemons
1996 Frieda Thoms Brigette Colligan Rick D. Moon
1995 Martha A. Lizenby Juli E. Crecelius Janice D. Moore
1994 Mary G. Wilson Betty Omicinski Robert Shingleton
1993 Carol Bauer Cathy Denton Earl Copple
1992 Pat Ramsey Pam Asberry Betty Paris
1991 Laura M. McGuirk Wayne Brown Donald Glen Craig
1990 - Edward Roberts Raymond J. Richmer
1989 - Rita J. McCartin William Sheckell
1988 Vaughn E. Winslow Terry Hoffmeister B. Scott Goodwin
1987 Carolyn L. Kraft Jean A. Pepper Larry Waldkoetter
1986 - - -
1985 James A. Kanning Cynthia McGuffey Christopher Smith
1984 Tony R. Warner Linda K. Skelton Carolyn J. Dunn
1983 Robert A. Lentz R. Maxine Merk Calvin Jennings
1982 Ray F. Wisman June V. Byrne Barbara J. Cocke
1981 James F. Morris Geraldine Conlon Carl O. Davis
1980 Thomas C. Mitchell Larry R. Jackson Herschel L. Briscoe
1979 David L. Robbins June C. Hart William Shrewsberry
1978 Wayne E. Shirk Ruth E. Powell David R. Kaiser
1977 Norma Goodwin Frieda M. Thoms Walter Gunther
1976 Peggy Lyndrup Paula Sylvester R. D. Owens

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