Distinguished Teaching Awards - Sample Dossier

Cover Sheet

a. Provide a list of all courses taught at IU Southeast. Specify which courses were taught during the past year, including number of credit hours and number of students enrolled in each course.

To be eligible for a Distinguished Teaching Award, you must have taught a minimum of 12 credit hours in the past year. In this example below, the minimum is met through a variety of courses.

Past year:

Course Number

Course Name

Semester Taught

# of Credit Hours

# of Students

PSY-P 425

Child and Adolescent Abnormal

Fall, 2021




PSY-P 457

Psychology in the Movies

Winter, 2021



PSY-P 495

Research in Psychology

Spring, 2021



PSY-B 309


Summer, 2021



All courses taught at IU Southeast:

PSY-P 101: Introductory Psychology I, with and without First Year Seminar (face-to-face, online)

PSY-P 102: Introductory Psychology II, with and without First Year Seminar (face-to-face, online)

PSY-P 211: Research Methods I

PSY-P 212: Research Methods II

PSY-P 324/P624: Abnormal Psychology (face-to-face, online)

PSY-B 386: Introduction to Counseling

PSY-P 457: Advanced Abnormal Psychology

PSY-B 388: Human Sexuality

PSY-B 452: Senior Seminar in Psychology (face-to-face, blended/hybrid)

PSY-P 220: Introduction to Drugs and Behavior

PSY-P 301: Psychology and Human Problems

PSY-P 303: Health Psychology (face-to-face, online)

PSY-P 321: Group Dynamics (face-to-face, blended/flipped)

PSY-P 322: Psychology in the Courtroom

PSY-P 336: Psychological Tests and Individual Differences

PSY-P 380: Ethical Issues in Psychology

PSY-P 407: Drugs and the Nervous System

PSY-P 425: Behavioral Disorders of Childhood and Adolescence (face-to-face, online)

PSY-P 430: Behavior Modification

PSY-P 457: Topics in Psychology: Abnormal Psychology in the Movies (online)

PSY-P 457: Topics in Psychology: Child Abuse

PSY-P 457: Topics in Psychology: Parapsychology

PSY-P 340: Sleep and Dreams (online)

PSY-P 459: History and Systems of Psychology (online; Study Abroad)

PSY-P 493/P494: Supervised Research

PSY-P 495: Readings and Research in Psychology

COAS-S 399: Internship in Psychology

b. Provide a list of all teaching awards received and years won.

2017: President's Award for Excellence in Teaching and Learning with Technology, Indiana University

2004-2013: Trustees Teaching Award, IU Southeast

2009: P.A. Mack Award for Distinguished Service to Teaching, Honorary

2002: Master Teacher Recognition Award, IU Southeast

2001: Herman Fredric Lieber Memorial Award - Distinguished Teaching Award, Indiana University

2000: Distinguished Teaching Award, IU Southeast

2000: Innovative Excellence in Teaching, Learning, and Technology Award, International

1996-1999: Teaching Excellence Recognition Award, IU Southeast

1993: Faculty Colloquium on Excellence in Teaching (FACET), Indiana University

1993: Outstanding Adult Teacher Award, Metroversity*

1986-1987: Merriwether Award (for doctoral students), Auburn University*

*It is fine to include all teaching awards on your cover page and curriculum vitae, however only those earned at your time at IU Southeast will be considered by the reviewers for the Distinguished Teaching Award.

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