Nominations for 2021 Distinguished Teaching Awards: Full Time and Adjunct

Dear Colleagues:

The Distinguished Teaching Award for Full-time Faculty and the Distinguished Teaching Award for Adjunct Faculty are an important way by which the University can recognize, foster, and encourage outstanding performance by its members. I ask that each member of our campus community consider nominating individuals who are deserving of such recognition.

The Improvement of Learning Committee has been selected through the Office of Academic Affairs, and they will review the nominations. Please name the person you feel best qualifies for each award and submit your nominations online by December 7, 2020.

The nomination form and criteria information can be found below. Thank you for your attention to this matter.


Ray Wallace

2020 Award Winners

Sridhar Ramachandran
Sridhar Ramachandran
Full Time Faculty

Award Information


  1. Committee to review candidates and select winners:
    The Improvement of Learning Committee will screen the nominees for each award (full-time and part-time) and make recommendations to the Chancellor.
  2. Deadline:
    The deadline for nominations is usually the middle/end of November. This will allow adequate time for review of dossiers.
  3. The scope of achievement to be considered:
    The award recognizes a consistent record of outstanding teaching and related activities. In order to insure that ample evidence on which to evaluate teaching performance is available, tenure-track and tenured faculty members and lecturers become eligible for the Distinguished Teaching Award after three years of full-time service at IUS. Part-time instructional appointees, including those who serve the campus full- or part-time in other capacities, become eligible for the award after teaching at least 9 course sections at IUS.
  4. Selection criteria:
    Great teaching is far more than classroom performance per se. In fact, the essence of teaching is not performance, but the effective creation of situations in which learning takes place. The list of criteria that follow represents some of the main things that define an outstanding teacher at Indiana University Southeast. It is not an exhaustive list and other qualities of excellence can and do exist. Nor is it implied that the award winner must excel in all of these categories. In the final analysis, the outcomes achieved by the instructor should be regarded as more important than the techniques employed. Criteria:
    1. The instructor promotes active learning and successfully encourages students to think imaginatively, critically, and independently.
    2. The instructor promotes a love of learning and contributes to the likelihood that students will continue their education through the baccalaureate (and beyond).
    3. The instructor helps students appreciate the relationship between the subject and its place in the scheme of things.
    4. The instructor’s pedagogical techniques are appropriate to, and effective with, a variety of different learning styles.
    5. The instructor interacts enthusiastically and effectively with students beyond the classroom, using office hours and other opportunities productively to promote learning and address individual student needs.
  5. Evidence of effective teaching may be gleaned from:
    1. Exams, syllabi, other course materials
    2. Teaching evaluation summaries.
    3. Recommendations from present and former students.
    4. Recommendations from colleagues, supervisors, and academic staff.
    5. Direct observation of review of videotapes by members of the committee.
    6. Evidence of subsequent success and achievement by former students.
  6. Procedure:
    1. Any member of the IUS community may nominate a faculty member for this award. In addition, following the selection of an awardee for any given year, the selection committee may forward to the next year’s committee the credentials of any candidates it believes to be worthy of further consideration.
    2. The candidates will be invited to prepare a file of materials in keeping with the evidence criteria listed above. In accepting candidacy, the candidates agree to provide the committee with appropriate materials such as teaching evaluation results.
    3. The committee is asked to recommend an award winner in each category:
      Distinguished Teaching Award (Full-Time) and Distinguished Teaching Award (PartTime).
  7. Awards:
    In addition to public recognition, winners of the Distinguished Teaching Award for fulltime teachers will have $1,000 added to their base pay. Since part time faculty do not have a base pay, they will be awarded a one-time stipend of $1,000.

    The awardees will be nominated in the subsequent year for appropriate All-University teaching awards.


Each year, Indiana University Southeast honors its outstanding full-time and adjunct faculty with distinguished teaching awards. Nominations for these awards are solicited from all components of the University community including students.

The Improvement of Learning Committee will screen the nominees for each award (full-time and adjunct) and make recommendations to the Chancellor.

If you wish to nominate individuals for the Distinguished Teaching Awards (full-time and/or adjunct), please submit the form by December 7, 2020.

Past Award Winners

Year Full-Time Teacher Adjunct Teacher
2019 Mildred Vernia Rebekah Farmer
2018 Doug Barney Terry Burger
2017 Susan Ridout Aaron Morris
2016 Faye Camahalan n/a
2015 Bryan Hall n/a
2014 Victor Waingeh Mary Ann Fitzharris
2013 Elaine Haub Michael Day
2012 Angela Salas Allison Edmonds
2011 David Taylor Adrienne Callander
2010 Carolyn Babione Leigh Ann Meyer
2009 Jan Fleischer Deborah Spurlock
2008 Glenn Mason -
2007 Diane Wille Roy Fuller
2006 Paul Pittman David Losey
2005 Anne E. Allen Ann Niren
2004 Carl A. DeGraaf Rhonda Cawthorn
2003 Diane Reid Alan South
2002 Thomas D. Kotulak Michael Abernathy
2001 Elaine K. Haub Valerie B. Scott
2000 Robin K. Morgan Pam Denton
1999 Curtis H. Peters Michael S. Day
1998 Joseph Hollingsworth Justine Rostel
1997 Annette Wyandotte Jane Ellen Riehl
1996 Clifford L. Staten
Margaret Ehringer
Linda Christiansen
1995 Carl M. Christenson Robert Walsh
1994 Morris M. Wilhelm Gregory Phipps
1993 Camille F. Garnier Christine Brown
1992 Kyle Forinash John P. Click
1991 Bill J. Forsyth Tom Wiles
1990 Rosemarie Morganett John Gladstein
1989 Claude D. Baker
Linda C. Gugin
Marty Hedgepeth
1988 Carol Bishop -
1987 Bahman Nassim -
1986 NO AWARDS -
1985 Ruthmarie Mitsch Carl E. Kramer
1984 Clarice J. Mitchiner Kevin S. Bailey
1983 Crump W. Baker -
1982 William Jamski Margaret Ehringer
1981 William Riggs Phillip Peters
1980 Mary Garboden -
1979 Sharon Waggoner Karen Gray
1978 JoAnn Jansing -
1977 Rodney L. Buckson Jacqueline Christenson
1976 Lloyd A. Case Brian E. McCarthy
1975 Vera DelGrande Donald E. McMahel
1974 Richard L. Brengle John C. Moody -
1973 - Mary Jane Fletcher
1972 Claudia D. Crump -
1971 Robert M. Jennings -
1968 Gerald D. Haffner -

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