Extensive research shows that young children learn through play and active exploration of their environment. They construct knowledge through the manipulation of concrete materials and the stimulation of their five senses.

The IU Southeast Children's Learning Center focuses on the whole child paying particular attention to facilitation of cognitive, language, social/emotional, approaches to learning, health, physical (both fine and gross motor, and self-help skills), and emergent literacy. We believe young children learn best through exploring and interacting with the environment and their peers. The curriculum promotes academic success with wide range appealing hands-on learning materials and experiences. These experiences will help your child learn to direct their own actions, discipline themselves and accept responsibility for their deeds. We will help children learn to:

  • Experience academic success through their children center experience
  • Become eager life-long learners, creative thinkers and problem solvers
  • Gain significant verbalization skills and expand their vocabulary
  • Expand their language comprehension
  • Experience significant advances in their literacy and numeracy skills
  • Increase their attention span to concentrate