School of Arts and Letters

Dean Jim Hesselman along with the faculty and staff of Indiana University Southeast’s School of Arts & Letters are honored to present their 2020 graduates.

A Message From: Jim Hesselman, Dean of the IU Southeast School of Arts and Letters

Description of the video:

Hello. This is Jim Hesselman, Dean of Arts and Letters at Indiana University Southeast. I want to send my congratulations to all of our Arts and Letters graduates as well as all of the 2020 graduates on our campus and throughout the entire Indiana University system.

You made it.

The arts and humanities are all about communication. We teach students how to communicate creatively and effectively with empathy, humor, and understanding whether orally, visually, musically, or through the written word. That ability to communicate has connected you and will continue to connect you to the broader world and a future that has now opened up to you after years of hard work and study.

Indiana University Southeast has prepared you to make your own connections in a world that right now is facing many challenges and questions; questions about truth and diversity, questions about societal and personal responsibility.

I hope you realize that in the classes you have taken, the research and creative projects you have completed, the relationships you have formed with your peers, your instructors, and all of the people you have met during your time at IU Southeast that you have been answering and preparing to answer those questions all along.

We are counting on you, graduates of 2020, to lead us through in times of conflict, stress, and uncertainty, and in times of progress and prosperity.

If you are wondering when the torch is going to be passed to you, it is now. And we are proud and confident in our belief that you will succeed beyond any expectations.


IU Southeast School of Arts and Letters, Commencement 2020

Description of the video:

All right. Let's see. I've got my mask. I've got my wipes. Purell. All right! 

Hi. Good morning. This is Jim Hesselman. Sadly I can take this off in here. There's nobody here. I'm the Dean of Arts and Letters, and I wanted you to have a little video remembrance of what the spring of 2020 was like. Hopefully, we will all forget this. But these little trinkets that we have – maybe we won't forget.

But what we want to do today is to commemorate something very special. Now don't worry, this is not going to be one of those long, boring, cheesy graduation speeches. And if it is, you can fast forward. No other graduating class has ever been able to do that before!

So standing here in the lobby of the Ogle Center, it's very clear to me that the School of Arts and Letters is not just a couple of buildings. It is you, and your peers, and our faculty and staff, and all of the things everyone has achieved in their time here at IU Southeast. So the faculty and staff in the School of Arts and Letters wanted to take a moment to celebrate those achievements on this very special day — your commencement. Your beginning. Your launch into the next phase of your life. And we know that each and every one of you will continue to make us so proud. So go out there and conquer the world! (Sound of glass shattering) (Sound of applause) Okay. A little cheesy. 

Congratulations to all the Arts and Letters graduating seniors. It has been my honor and my pleasure to work with each and every one of you. I wish you great success in everything that you do and don't forget that we're always here for you. You did it. Congratulations.

Congratulations 2020 graduates of the School of Arts and Letters at IU Southeast. We are so proud of all of your accomplishments. Make sure that you keep in touch with us after graduation. Make those connections and stay involved with IU Southeast. 

High graduates! You did it! Congratulations! 


Congratulations class of 2020! 

Congratulations to all our 2020 Communication Studies graduates. 

Elora Danielle Antunez 

Nancy R Casey 

Mary Katherine Clark 

Mitchell Echelberger 

Alec King Eldorado 

Jena Rose Fath 

Garrett Durham Fensler 

Leslie Renee Flemons 

Sidney Jo Gieselman 

Joann Margaret Konermann 

Desiree Ann Magginnis 

Mary Isabel Martinez 

Matthew Ryan McClellan 

Courtney Ann Miller 

Jarin Aaliyah Minor 

Stuart William Nordhoff 

Brea Marie O’Connor 

Jordan Timothy Parker 

Emily Ann Reed 

Rhonda Renee Ritchison 

Lindsay Rosen 

Clayton Stephen Snyder 

Makenzie Rae Spalding 

John Oliver Sturdy 

McKenna Marie Taylor 

Sara Ellen Treat 

Savannah Nicole Werblo 

Madison Katelyn Wolf 

We are all so proud of each and every one of you. Congratulations again. 

Congratulations to our graduates in Communication Studies. 

The IUS Program in English is honored to recognize the following graduates. First, students graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in English and Concentrations in Literature: 

Jessica Lynne Balogh 

Kyndall Emily Wiley 

Lauren Rachel Sharp 

Lauren Elise Falk 

Aubrey Lynn Moore 

McKenna Rae Lewter 

Stephanie Elaine Shunnarah 

Students graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in English and Concentrations in Writing: 

Rachel Ann Esarey 

Jesse Dawn Mays 

Katelyn Hamilton 

Courtney Marie Higginbotham 

Megan Nicole Crawford 

Kaelin J Miller 

And last, students graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in English and Concentrations in both Literature and Writing: 

Garrett Arthur Dillon Gilles 

Matthew David Wuerthele 

Taylor Avery Lowe 


Congratulations to our graduates in English. 

Hey guys. We would like to congratulate our Philosophy graduates, Justin Hilton, Jacqueline Gaines, and Jeannie Soto for a job well done. 

Congratulations you guys. You did a great work. It's such a privilege to work with you these last several years. 

We'd like to especially mention Jeannie Soto's work. She's this year's Outstanding Philosophy Student.

You should be really proud of yourselves that you got this done and accomplished these things, especially in such a crazy time. 

We would like to wish you the best of luck and anything you do heading out into this crazy and unpredictable world, but we think you'll be well served by your Philosophy degree. 

Absolutely. And stay in touch. Let us know. Drop a line and tell us how you're doing and whatever you do next and we'd like to hear from you. 

Yeah, and definitely have a great summer and I hope... we both hope, I think, that you'll get a chance to celebrate the way you deserve to, though responsibly and ethically. 

Take care guys. 


Congratulations to our graduates in Philosophy. 

Speaking in Spanish: Hola estudiantes. En hora buena de parte de la profesora Badía y mis colegas en el departamento de español. 

(English translation: Hello students. Congratulations from Professor Badía and my colleagues in the Spanish Department.) 

Speaking in Spanish: !Felicitaciones! 

(English translation: Congratulations!) 

Brittany R Reas 

Carmen Isabella Miller 

Tessa Faye Duncan 

Vivian Merary Angeles 

Megan Marie Gilley 

Makayla Marie England 

Dakota Ann Duff 

Marie Johnston 

Laura Rodriguez Figueredo 

Speaking in Spanish: Buena suerte. 

(English translation: Good luck.) 

What a pleasure to acknowledge and celebrate our two outstanding graduates, Emily Cain and Casey Marie Husson Tenley. Not only did they contribute in many ways to the French program at IUS - serving for instance as tutors in French - but they were also active in other areas of campus life. Emily was an important member of the IUS Orchestra while Casey was a stalwart consultant in the IUS Writing Center. Both had memorable study abroad experiences. Casey now has a new baby in her back pocket and Emily has just completed practice teaching for teacher certification. We certainly wish them all the best in the future and hope they will keep us in the loop as they pursue their postgraduate lives. 

Speaking in French: Salut les filles! On est tellement fier de vous! On ferait bien la fête avec vous mais malheureusement on ne peut pas, alors ce n’est que partie remise. En attendant, on vous gardera dans nos cœurs et nos mémoires ! Tant de bons souvenirs partagés ! Il est temps pour vous de déployer vos ailles et de continuer votre chemin. Qu’il soit riche en joie et en succès ! BRAVO LES FILLES ! Felicitations Casey et Emily!

(English translation: Greetings young ladies! We are so proud of you! We would have planned a great party, but unfortunately, we can't, but we'll set this aside for later. Meanwhile, you will remain in our hearts and our memories! So many fine, shared memories! Now it's time for you to spread your wings and continue down your life's path. We hope it will be filled with joy and success. WELL DONE! Congratulations Casey and Emily! ) 

Speaking in German: Alexa Gerling, herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Abschluss! 

(English translation: Alexa Gerlins, congratulations on graduating!) 

 Congratulations to our graduates in Modern Languages. 

Congratulations to our 2019-2020 graduates and Music. We're very proud of all of you for your hard work, your individual accomplishments in music, your contributions to the performances and projects in the department. Well done. We'll miss you.  

Rachel Elizabeth McCrory, Bachelor of Science in Music, Music Business. 

Deysi Melissa Herrera Molina, Bachelor of Science in Music, Audio Production. 

David Wayne Neville, Bachelor of Arts and Music, Music Composition. 

Vincent Clyde Thomas, Bachelor of Science in Music, Music Business. 

Brandon Marcus Visetchaisri, Bachelor of Arts and Music, Vocal Performance. 

Congratulations to our graduates in Music.  

Congratulations to those of you who have earned degrees in General Studies, Bachelor's in Applied Science, and Bachelor's in Interdisciplinary Studies. This is not your typical commencement situation, but if you've earned your degree in the fall of 2019, spring of 2020, or anticipate receiving it in August of 2020, this is your day and we want to recognize you. 

Now you'll notice that I came dressed for the occasion. I have my robe on and I brought my special IU stole in honor of the occasion. So let's begin.  

Those who have earned an Associate's Degree in General Studies are: Justin Michael Franz 

Brittany Renee Clem 

Regina Springer 

Kylee Dean Scott 

Melanie Annette Combs 

Leanna Michelle Campbell 

Danny Odell Phillips 

Those who have earned a Bachelors of Applied Science in Health Care Management are: 

Tycson N Thomas 

Bristol Smith 

Jessica DuVon Lewis 

Those who have earned a Bachelors of Applied Science in an Individualized Area are: 

Markus Kyle Fleenor 

Donna Lou Howell 

Ed Davis 

Linda Wright-Der 

Deanna Lynn Weiner-Hawkins 

Jerry Louis Stephenson 

Jordanne Oaks Marcu 

Now let's move to the Bachelors of General Studies with a Focus in Humanities: 

Beverly K Eldridge 

Jeffrey Michael Drees 

Georgia E Wrocklage 

Tatyannia Justis Taylor 

Sidney Alexis Briles 

Amanda Collier 

Robert McFarland 

Eric Joseph Helton 

Sarah Rose Cassady 

Taletha Michelle Odom 

Lauren Taggart 

Loa Madison Ford 

Sandra Elizabeth Mayfield 

Tiffany Lynch 

Chasen K Pierce 

Lyndsey Cooper 

Jessica Neely 

Garry Wayne Carpenter 

Robin Virginia Frederick 

David E Hunt 

Ashley N Striegel 

Makayla Inez Eiler 

Adam Christopher Hill 

Amber Elaine Colwell 

April Dabney 

Kyle Welsh 

Alexis Gabrielle Garmon 

Brandon Marcus Visetchaisri 

And now we'll move on to the Bachelor's of General Studies with a Focus in Social Sciences: 

Alexandria Diehl 

Kristina Ellen Wilson 

Nicole Ann Nichols 

Laura Kristen Arrington 

Amanda Nicole McCauley 

Dina Louise Baltes 

Lucy Jon Cathcart 

Martina Nichole Johnson 

Tanner Lane Kyger 

Jordyn Kasie Priddy 

Taylor Paige Bolen 

Ariel N Brazell 

Jamie Thompson 

Alexis Kay Lyons 

Kyle Perry 

Joshua Wayne Brown 

Emily Marie Manning 

Constance Joanne Howlett 

Kyle Welsh 

Bradley Wilkerson 

Kimberly Dawn Pickerrell 

Michael Harmon Klein 

Kolton Macnair Eddy 

Eric Matthew Ketterer 

Bekah Yvonne Raichel 

Kelci Rose Rawlings 

Brittany Nicole Bullard 

Alexis Marie Spangle 

Zoljargal Beeler 

And now for those who have earned a Bachelor's in General Studies with a Focus in Science and Mathematics: 

Jared Lawrence Kowalski 

Eddie James Nichols 

Abigayle Rene Carothers 

Griffan True 

Dalton James Mitchell 

James Edward Mattingly 

John Michael Meyer 

Michelle Ukiko Lewis 

Rosemary Nichole Rasmussen 

Amanda Erin Griffin 

Isaac Joseph Barrow 

Jackson Chae Kerley 

Carrie Ann Miller 

Josef Glenn Brooner 

David S Conrad 

David Christopher Kaiser 

Kenedy Brooke House 

Jillian Rose Zwick 

Rhonda Jo Howard 

Austin Lee Churchman 

Ciera Jo Kopp 

Martin Edward Sellmer 

Ellie C White 

Katherine Lewis 

Jodi Lynn Fleenor 

Sonia Abuk Deng 

Jourden Huynh Wise 

Keely Nicole Magill 

And finally, those who have earned a Bachelor's of Interdisciplinary Studies: 

Andrew Cole Stonecipher 

Mahogany Livers 

Rachel Christine Turpak 

Kelsi Lyne Scott 

Rachel Ysis Villar 

Savannah Rhae Browning 

Kent David Criminger 

Adriana Dream Westbrook 

Stephon L Camp 

Sydney Lynn Surber 

Tye Dillon McFarland 

Congratulations to our graduates and Interdisciplinary Studies 

It is the honor of the Fine Arts faculty to recognize our graduating seniors. We are so proud of you for your hard work and commitment, especially during these difficult times. 

These are the 2020 IU southeast graduates in Fine Arts: 

Alma Gabriela Martinez Torres, BFA ceramics. 

Brooklin Marie Grantz, BFA ceramics. 

Savannah Elizabeth Ferrell, BFA ceramics. 

Bradlee Thomas Hertrick, BFA digital art. 

Andrew Reidinger, BFA digital art. 

Emma Grace Howie, BFA digital art. 

Merlin Lee, BFA digital art. 

Alexandra Paige LaMaster, BFA drawing. 

Taylor Marie Ryan, BFA drawing. 

Ashleigh Morton, BFA drawing. 

Madeline Louise Bates, BFA graphic design. 

Macy Marie Reynolds, BFA graphic design. 

Andrew Parker Bolin, BFA graphic design. 

Brianna K Dixon, BFA graphic design. 

Emily Kaetlyn Gibson, BFA graphic design. 

Marissa Lynn Kress, BFA graphic design. 

Anne Marie Mattox, BFA graphic design. 

Aaron Arthur Williamson, BFA graphic design. 

Katrina Elaine Dennis, BFA graphic design. 

Kevin James Wade, BFA graphic design. 

Erin Celeste Korb, BFA graphic design. 

Alexandra Leitha Marie Wilbers, BFA graphic design. 

Holly Elizabeth Gavin, BFA painting. 

Dakotah Sean Gibson, BFA painting. 

Ashleigh Morton, BFA painting. 

Rebecca West, BFA printmaking. 

Molly Susan Flaugher, BA graphic design. 

Madison Katarina Jones, BA studio arts. 

Ashley Nicole Granger, BA studio arts. 

Congratulations to our graduates in Fine Arts. 

The IU Southeast Theatre Department would like to give a message to all of our 2020 graduates. 


We are so proud of our 2020 graduates who have stuck with it through the good times and the bad. 

We know that these graduates will continue to make us proud in all their future endeavors. 

Our heartfelt congratulations go out to Blake Anderson, Dustin Behr, Alyssa Fry, Megan Johnson, Casey Kindler, and Carmen Miller. 

Congratulations to all and good luck. 

Congratulations to our graduates in Theater.  

Graduate Spotlight

IU Southeast Grenadier Athletics and the School of Arts and Letters are honored to feature Jeannie Soto as a top graduating senior from the Class of 2020. Jeanne has excelled as a student and an athlete within the tennis program. She has worked hard, and we are proud of her accomplishments.

Jeannie Soto

Description of the video:

Hello, I'm Jeannie Soto I'm from Louisville, Kentucky and I majored in Philosophy with a minor in Writing at IUS. I'd like to say a huge thank you to all of the athletic staff at IUS, you all have been so supportive and sweet and there for your athletes the whole four years I've been there. Especially thank you to Coach Epkey for being the sweetest, most thoughtful, encouraging coach ever. Always so much fun going to practice and having somebody who just really loves being there and cares about his players.

My plans after this year are to go to law school at UofL and possibly join the Marines. That's still up in the air because of the plague and everything don't know if OCS is going to happen but hopefully it all works out eventually.

My favorite tennis memory at IUS. There are so many really, really just funny, sweet memories and I can't pick one. So I'll just go through a couple: one that I really liked from this year was playing Jenga at this really nice hotel that we got to stay at. We stayed at a garbage hotel where somebody got tackled and arrested outside the window and we all got to watch and to make up for that Coach let us stay at a really nice hotel that had giant Jenga in the lobby and it was like girls versus guys and I don't know why; that was just the funnest game of Jenga ever. So intense because everybody's so competitive and so that was really fun.

We played tennis baseball on the last day of the season really. we didn't know what was going to end. But tennis baseball is this game you play with these rods that are supposed to hold up the nets but we never really used him for that and you just hit the tennis balls and the points on the court are the bases and that was super fun and honestly just a great way to go out.

So thank you guys and I love you all.   

School of Arts and Letters Class of 2020

Associate of Arts in General Studies

  • Leanna Michelle Campbell
  • Brittany Renee Clem
  • Melanie Annette Combs
  • Justin Michael Franz
  • Danny Odell Phillips
  • Kylee Dean Scott
  • Regina Springer

Bachelor of Applied Science

  • Edward William Davis
  • Markus Kyle Fleenor
  • Donna L. Howell
  • Jessica DuVon Lewis
  • Jordanne Oaks
  • Bristol E. Smith
  • Jerry Louis Stephenson II
  • Tycson N. Thomas
  • Deanna Lynn Wiener-Hawkins
  • Linda Kay Wright-Dennis

Bachelor of Arts in Communication

  • Blake Edward Anderson
  • Elora Danielle Antunez
  • Dustin William Keaton Behr
  • Nancy R. Casey
  • Mary Katherine Clark
  • Mitchell Franklin Echelberger
  • Alec King Eldorado
  • Jena Rose Fath
  • Garrett Durham Fensler
  • Leslie Renee Flemons
  • Alyssa Rose Fry
  • Alexa Danielle Gerling
  • Sidney Jo Gieselman
  • Megan MacKenzie Johnson
  • Casey Jacquelyn Kindler
  • Joann Margaret Konermann
  • Desiree Ann Magginnis
  • Mary Isabel Martinez
  • Ron Joseph Mayhew
  • Matthew Ryan McClellan
  • Carmen Isabella Miller
  • Courtney Ann Miller
  • Jarin Aaliyah Minor
  • Stuart William Nordhoff
  • Breanna Marie O’Connor
  • Jordan Timothy Parker
  • Emily Ann Reed
  • Rhonda Renée Ritchison
  • Sarah Rose Shaffer
  • Clayton Stephen Snyder
  • Makenzie Rae Spalding
  • Danielle Elizabeth Striegel
  • John Oliver Sturdy III
  • McKenna Marie Taylor
  • Sara Ellen Treat
  • Savannah Nicole Werblo
  • Madison Katelyn Wolf

Bachelor of Arts in English

  • Jessica Lynne Balogh
  • Garland C. Combs
  • Megan Nicole Crawford
  • Seth Wynn Daugherty
  • Michael Christian DiMartino
  • Rachel Ann Esarey
  • Lauren Elise Falk
  • Garrett Arthur Dillon Gilles
  • Katelyn Elizabeth Hamilton
  • Courtney Marie Higginbotham
  • McKenna Rae Lewter
  • Taylor Avery Lowe
  • Jesse Dawn Mays
  • Kaelin Jean Miller
  • Shelby Diana Miller-Brengle
  • Aubrey Lynn Moore
  • Taylor Nicole Morphis
  • Lauren Rachel Sharp
  • Stephanie Elaine Shunnarah
  • Kyndall Emily Wiley
  • Matthew David Wuerthele

Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts

  • Molly Susan Flaugher
  • Ashley Nicole Granger
  • Madison Katarina Jones
  • Rachel Anne Mulvey

Bachelor of Arts in French

  • Emily Nicole Cain
  • Casey Marie Hussong

Bachelor of Arts in German

  • Alexa Danielle Gerling

Bachelor of Arts in Music

  • David W. Neville
  • Brandon Marcus Visetchaisri

Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy

  • James Albert Boutaugh III
  • Jacqueline Alexandra Gaines
  • Justin Charles Hilton
  • Sonny Shanks
  • Anna Jean Soto

Bachelor of Arts in Spanish

  • Vivian Merary Angeles
  • Dakota Ann Duff
  • Tessa Faye Duncan
  • Makayla Marie England
  • Megan Marie Gilley
  • Marie Roché Johnston
  • Carmen Isabella Miller
  • Brittany Renée Reas
  • Laura Rodriguez Figueredo

Bachelor of Fine Arts

  • Madeline Louise Baird
  • Andrew Parker Bolin
  • Katrina Elaine Dennis
  • Brianna Kay Dixon
  • Savannah Elizabeth Ferrell
  • Holly Elizabeth Gavin
  • Dakotah Sean Gibson
  • Emily Kaetlyn Gibson

Bachelor of Fine Arts (continued)

  • Brooklin Marie Grantz
  • Bradlee Thomas Hertrick
  • Emma Grace Howie
  • Erin Celeste Korb
  • Marissa Lynn Kress
  • Alexandra Paige LaMaster
  • Merlin Lee
  • Alma Gabriela Martinez Torres
  • Anne Marie Mattox
  • Ashleigh Morton
  • Andrew Jordan Reidinger
  • Macy Marie Reynolds
  • Taylor Marie Ryan
  • Kevin James Wade
  • Rebecca A. West
  • Alexandra Leitha Marie Wilbers
  • Aaron Arthur Williamson

Bachelor of General Studies

  • Laura Kristen Arrington
  • Dina Louise Baltes
  • Isaac Joseph Barrow
  • Zoljargal Beeler
  • Taylor Paige Bolen
  • Ariel N. Brazell
  • Sidney Alexis Briles
  • Josef G. Brooner
  • Joshua Wayne Brown
  • Brittany Nicole Bullard
  • Abigayle Rene Carothers
  • Garry Wayne Carpenter Jr.
  • Sarah Rose Cassady
  • Lucy Jon Cathcart
  • Austin L. Churchman
  • Amanda Joy Collier
  • Amber Elaine Colwell
  • David S. Conrad
  • Lyndsey Nicole Cooper
  • April Dabney
  • Jennifer Leigh Daugherty
  • Sonia Abuk Deng
  • Alexandria Diehl
  • Jeffrey Michael Drees
  • Kolton Macnair Eddy
  • Makayla Inez Eiler
  • Beverly K. Eldridge
  • Jodi Lynn Fleenor
  • Loa Madison Ford
  • Robin Virginia Frederick
  • Alexis Gabrielle Garmon
  • Amanda Erin Griffin
  • Eric Joseph Helton
  • Adam Christopher Hill
  • Kenedy Brooke House
  • Rhonda Jo Howard
  • Constance Joanne Howlett
  • David Evan Hunt
  • Martina Nichole Johnson
  • David Christopher Kaiser
  • Jackson Chae Kerley
  • Eric Matthew Ketterer
  • Michael H. Klein
  • Ciera Jo Kopp
  • Jared Lawrence Kowalski
  • Tanner Lane Kyger
  • Katherine Dorsey Lewis
  • Michelle Ukiko Lewis
  • Tiffany Lucille Lynch
  • Alexis Kay Lyons
  • Keely Nicole Magill
  • Emily Marie Manning
  • Carrie Ann Marshall
  • James Edward Mattingly Jr.
  • Sandra Elizabeth Mayfield
  • Amanda Nicole McCauley
  • Robert T. McFarland
  • John Michael Meyer IV
  • Dalton James Mitchell
  • Jessica Marie Neely
  • Eddie James Nichols
  • Nicole Ann Nichols
  • Taletha Michelle Odom
  • Kyle Perry
  • Kimberly Dawn Pickerrell
  • Chasen Kain Pierce
  • Jordyn Kasie Priddy
  • Rebekah Yvonne Raichel
  • Rosemary Nichole Rasmussen
  • Kelci Rose Rawlings
  • Martin Edward Sellmer
  • Alexis Marie Spangle
  • Ashley N. Striegel
  • Lauren Taggart
  • Tatyannia Justis Taylor
  • Jamie Lynn Thompson
  • Griffan Lynn True
  • Brandon Marcus Visetchaisri
  • Kyle Ross Welsh
  • Elizabeth Clare White
  • Bradley Allen Wilkerson
  • Kristina Ellen Wilson
  • Jourden Huynh Wise
  • Georgia E. Wrocklage
  • Jillian R. Zwick

Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies

  • Savannah Rhae Browning
  • Stephon L. Camp
  • Kent David Criminger
  • Mahogany Monyell Livers
  • Tye Dillon McFarland
  • Kelsi Lyne Scott
  • Andrew Cole Stonecipher
  • Sydney Lynn Surber
  • Rachel Christine Turpak
  • Rachel Ysis Villar
  • Adriana Dream Westbrook

Bachelor of Science in Music

  • Deysi Melissa Herrera Molina
  • Rachel Elizabeth McCrorey
  • Vincent C. Thomas Jr.