School of Education

Dean Faye Camahalan along with the faculty and staff of Indiana University Southeast’s School of Education are honored to present their 2020 graduates.

A Message From: Faye Camahalan, Dean of the IU Southeast School of Education

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Hey there I'm Faye Camahalan, Dean of the School of Education. Congratulations to the Class of 2020. You are a special group of new teachers because in a time of crisis you prevailed and chose to live through the experience of educators being engaged in growth.

You were able to manage E-learning during the last part of your student teaching or clinical experience. You will be the most nurturing batch of new teachers who value human connection at the most and appreciate in-person interaction like no other.

Because you have been through this together, you will continue to find joy, peace and creativity in the mundane tasks of everyday life. What a great story you have to share to the next generation of aspiring teachers.

Class of 2020 you have my love and prayers. I want to reassure you that this too shall pass. After this you will be the strongest, most emailed, most texted, most zoomed and most storied class the School of Education has ever seen.

You will be in the teaching profession with tremendous resiliency and perseverance to achieve more. Look ahead to your future. Continue your passion for teaching and learning. It is a huge accomplishment to receive your degree at this time in the history of Indiana University Southeast. Again, congratulations. 

IU Southeast School of Education Graduate Recognition

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Hey there! I'm Faye Camahalan, Dean of School of Education. Congratulations, class of 2020. 

I'm Dr. Kathy Johnson. I'm the program coordinator for Elementary Education, and I'm pleased to announce the names of our candidates for the Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education. 

Alexandria Sue Baker 

Ashton Leigh Beck 

Sydney Marie Bolton 

McKendra Rose Bowden 

Montana Jo Brooks 

Makkena Faith Cannon 

Caitlyn Louise Carey 

Katherine DeLaine Clapp 

Kayti Nicole Craigmyle 

Laysha D. Daulton 

Alaina Nicole Davidson 

Stephanie Lynn Davis 

Kaylee Brooke Debolt 

Megan Holly DeHart 

Tessa Faye Duncan 

Kenton Eugene Embrey 

Kendra Nicole Gallagher 

Kye A. Jenkins 

Hannah Leigh Joly 

Kinley Chase Kaelin 

Keri Keehn 

Chancela Noel Key 

Hannah Elizabeth Klumb 

Hannah Lynn Knight 

Rachel Ann Lamb 

Allyson Marie Lindley 

Elizabeth McGarvey 

Michael Andrew Mills 

Angie Melissa Munoz 

Amber Nicole Neal 

Dalton Prather 

Bethany Marie Rixman 

Katerin Marie Sanders 

Cassidy Brooke Sawyer 

Brooklyn Marie Shaffer 

Katie Sproles 

Ciara Rae Thomas 

Katherine Elizabeth Waller 

and last, but not least, 

Jeffrey Bernard Wiles 

Congratulations to all. 


Hello. I'm Dr. James Hollenbeck, Coordinator of Seconday Education. Each program coordinator will introduce their graduates. I get to introduce Russell Lee Settles, graduate in Earth-Space Science. 

I am Dr. Steffany Comfort Maher, and I have the privilege of introducing the graduates in The Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education, Language Arts. 

Mary Elizabeth Baumann 

Lauren Elise Falk 

Garrett Arthur Dillon Gilles 

Chandler Matthew Jenkins 

Dylan Nash

and Kyia A. Oppel Mary 

Congratulations to all of you. 


I'm professor Allen Zollman. Students receiving a Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education, Mathematics this year are: 

Courtney Gaither 

Rachel Mae King

and my last student is Brittany Michelle Wright. 


I'm Dr. Bradford Griggs, coordinator of Secondary Education, Social Studies, and our 2020 graduates are: 

Cortney Baird 

Christopher Earl Brown 

Jacob Donald Flener 

Yazmyne Aunique Franklin 

Houston Bradford Hart 

Samantha Rose Heidlage 

Sean Tyler Hurt 

Eryn Nicole Jochim 

Sarah Korcz 

Samantha Marie Mattingly 

Taylor A. Myers 

Veronica Yamili Roessler 

Rebecca Deann Sharp 

and my last candidate is Charles Kevin Woolf. 



Hello. My name is Carol Bartlett. I'm the Special Education coordinator. Our students completing their Bachelors of Science in Elementary Education with a Concentration in Special Education are: 

Kendra Nichole Gallagher 

Monica Lynn Loftus 

Michael Andrew Mills 

Katie Sproles 

Completing the Bachelor of Science in Special Education: 

Whitney Layne Leanhart 

Zachary Robert Mikel 

Joel Patrick Murphy 

and Taylor Michelle Nichols 

Also completing their Special Education Certification Program: 

Jennifer Blackwell and our last candidate in Special Education completing the Certification Program is Tiffany Richardson. 

Congratulations to all. 


Hello. I'm Dr. Mary Bradley. I'm the coordinator of the Masters of Science in Education with a focus in School Counseling. I'm pleased to announce our 2020 graduates are: 

Lynell Rae Amstutz 

Scott Beldon 

Gina Marie Biesel 

Chelsey Elizabeth Engle Davis 

Molly Ann Davis 

Amy Nicole Gillespie 

Brittany Michelle Hamby 

Tina Lee Hamilton 

Roberta Diane Johnson 

Chelsea Nicole Jordan 

Louise W. Kasongo 

Carrie Marie Leonard 

Amy Elizabeth Lewis 

Olivia Anne Martin 

Jennifer Rose Morehous 

Hilary Mae Muldoon

Amber Nicole Napier 

Kristi Anne Richards 

Jill Noel Sammons 

Sarah Beth Vincent

and our last candidate is Brittany JaNae Watson. 

Congratulations to you all. 


I'm Lisa Hoffman, director of Graduate Studies. These are the graduates for the Master of Science in Education, Elementary Education: 

Sara Elizabeth Adkins 

Morgan Chayse Cambron 

Kara Stephanie Collier 

Amber Nicole Cullins 

Rebecca Leigh Gnadinger 

Stetson Tanner Harper 

Brittany Marie Jones 

Heather Elizabeth Perkins 

Kari Marie Reardon 

Emily Ann Rosbottom 

Katie L. Shoffner 

Lindsay Michelle Smith 

Phoebe Louise Sunflower Wirth 

Stephanie A. Tostaine 

Emily Catherine Whearty 

Alicia Mae Wild 

Cara Belcher Wiseheart 

and Tara Ann Zapp. 

The graduates for Master of Science in Education in Secondary Education are: 

Kelly Rae Book 

Madison Leah Combs 

Janell Evans Creager 

Brittany Noelle Edrington 

Michell Dawn Evans 

Ana Eileen Medina Fernandez 

Karen Diane Newlin 

Samantha Jo Poindexter 

Evan Randy Prohosky 

Tiffanie Kristin Richardson

George Preston Stackhouse, Jr. 

Brooke Ann Stewart 

and Tasman Elizabeth Wrock. 

Congratulations to all. 


I'm Terri Beard, the coordinator for our Elementary Transition to Teaching Program and I am going to introduce our 2020 Transition to Teaching completers. They are: 

Chelsea Carden 

Megan Crosier 

Adrienne English 

Emily Harbin 

Tammy Heck 

Yelitza Infate Perdomo 

Anissa Keller 

Wenyan Liu 

Eric Matthew Stovall 

Addie Sublett 

and Aneira Urieta, my final candidate. 

Well done, group. 


Hello. This is Dr. Gloria Murray, coordinator for the Advance to Teaching Program. Program completers are: 

Michael Gene Blaylock 

Erin Louise Davenport 

Katherine McKenna Ennes 

Joshua Chase Holland 

Jill Knaps 

Margarita Ortiz Mackle 

Jared K Miller 

Jacob Edward Murphy 

Lauren Rainbolt 

Tabitha A Rottman 

Alexander Hoyt Stanhope 

Carol Renee Vaughn 

and my last candidate is Autumn Elizabeth White.  

Graduate License completers in Educational Leadership are: 

Katie Allen 

John Scott Brewer 

Courtney Byrne 

Jennifer Gohmann 

Stephanie Gregory 

Kallie Krammes 

Katie Speak 

Christina Spitznagel 

Christy Davis 

Leah Stark 

Sarah Runyon 

Stacey Boomershine 

Nicole Stephanie Routen 

Graduate License in teaching English as a New Language: 

Jamison Shuck

Amy Simmonds

Leigh Rudicel  

Graduate License Gifted and Talented: 

Megan Doherty 

Graduate License in Reading: 

Jennifer Filer and Elizabeth Schooler. 



School of Education Class of 2020

Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education

  • Alexandria Sue Baker
  • Ashton Leigh Beck
  • Sydney Marie Bolton
  • McKendra Rose Bowden
  • Montana Jo Brooks
  • Makkena Faith Cannon
  • Caitlyn Louise Carey
  • Katherine DeLaine Clapp
  • Kayti Nicole Craigmyle
  • Laysha D. Daulton
  • Alaina Nicole Davidson
  • Stephanie Lynn Davis
  • Kaylee Brooke Debolt
  • Megan Holly DeHart
  • Tessa Faye Duncan
  • Kenton Eugene Embrey
  • Kendra Nicole Gallagher
  • Kye A. Jenkins
  • Hannah Leigh Joly
  • Kinley Chase Kaelin
  • Keri Keehn
  • Chancela Noel Key
  • Hannah Elizabeth Klumb
  • Hannah Lynn Knight
  • Rachel Ann Lamb
  • Allyson Marie Lindley
  • Monica Lynn Loftus
  • Elizabeth McGarvey
  • Michael Andrew Mills
  • Angie Melissa Munoz
  • Amber Nicole Neal
  • Dalton Prather
  • Bethany Marie Rixman
  • Katerin Marie Sanders
  • Cassidy Brooke Sawyer
  • Brooklyn Marie Shaffer
  • Katie Sproles
  • Ciara Rae Thomas
  • Katherine Elizabeth Waller
  • Jeffrey Bernard Wiles

Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education, Earth-Space Science

  • Russell Lee Settles

Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education, Language Arts

  • Mary Elizabeth Baumann
  • Lauren Elise Falk
  • Garrett Arthur Dillon Gilles
  • Chandler Matthew Jenkins
  • Dylan Nash
  • Kyia A. Oppel

Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education, Mathematics

  • Courtney Gaither
  • Rachel Mae King
  • Brittany Michelle Wright

Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education, Social Sciences

  • Cortney Baird
  • Christopher Earl Brown
  • Jacob Donald Flener
  • Yazmyne Aunique Franklin
  • Houston Bradford Hart
  • Samantha Rose Heidlage
  • Sean Tyler Hurt
  • Eryn Nicole Jochim
  • Sarah Korcz
  • Samantha Marie Mattingly
  • Taylor A. Myers
  • Veronica Yamili Roessler
  • Rebecca Deann Sharp
  • Charles Kevin Woolf

Bachelor of Science in Special Education

  • Whitney Layne Leanhart
  • Zachary Robert Mikel
  • Joel Patrick Murphy
  • Taylor Michelle Nichols

Master of Science in Counseling

  • Lynell Rae Amstutz
  • Scott Beldon
  • Gina Marie Biesel
  • Amy E. Cowles
  • Chelsey Elizabeth Engle Davis
  • Molly Ann Davis
  • Amy Nicole Gillespie
  • Brittany Michelle Hamby
  • Tina Lee Hamilton
  • Roberta Diane Johnson
  • Chelsea Nicole Jordan
  • Louise W. Kasongo
  • Carrie Marie Leonard
  • Amy Elizabeth Lewis
  • Olivia Anne Martin
  • Jennifer Rose Morehous
  • Hilary Mae Muldoon
  • Amber Nicole Napier
  • Kristi Anne Richards
  • Jill Noel Sammons
  • Sarah Beth Vincent
  • Brittany JaNae Watson

Master of Science in Elementary Education

  • Sara Elizabeth Adkins
  • Morgan Chayse Cambron
  • Kara Stephanie Collier
  • Amber Nicole Cullins
  • Rebecca Leigh Gnadinger
  • Stetson Tanner Harper
  • Brittany Marie Jones
  • Heather Elizabeth Perkins
  • Kari Marie Reardon
  • Emily Ann Rosbottom
  • Rachel Marie Seitz
  • Katie L. Shoffner
  • Lindsay Michelle Smith
  • Phoebe Louise Sunflower Wirth
  • Stephanie A. Tostaine
  • Emily Catherine Whearty
  • Alicia Mae Wild
  • Cara Belcher Wiseheart
  • Tara Ann Zapp

Master of Science in Secondary Education

  • Kelly Rae Book
  • Janell Evans Creager
  • Brittany Noelle Edrington
  • Michell Dawn Evans
  • Ana Eileen Medina Fernandez
  • Karen Diane Newlin
  • Madison Leah Pace
  • Evan Randy Prohosky
  • Tiffanie Kristin Richardson
  • Samantha Jo Smith
  • George Preston Stackhouse
  • Brooke Ann Stewart
  • Tasman Elizabeth Wrock