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Hello grenadiers, I'm Amanda Stonecipher Vice Chancellor for Enrollment Management and Student Affairs. On behalf of all of the faculty and staff at IUS, I want to say congratulations on your upcoming graduation your success is a direct result of the hard work and dedication you have made in your academic career and you should be very proud of your achievements. While the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the way we do things you have shown great resiliency to adapt to the changing circumstances to reach this goal on this website you will find various videos and links to help you get ready to graduate may so make sure you check out the IUS bookstore, Alumni Association, Herff Jones for your regalia and Grad Images for your photography needs. Once again congratulations and go grenadiers!

As you explore this page you will find everything you need to know to prepare for Commencement 2021. Make sure to watch the videos and follow the links below so you don’t miss out on information about:

  • Ordering graduation apparel, announcements, class rings, diploma frames and keepsakes
  • Joining the IU Alumni Association
  • Completing your graduation checklist
  • And much more!
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Congratulations on becoming an IU graduate!

Now let’s hear from Herff Jones!

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Hello, I'm Brad Kabuki, a student at Indiana University. I'm here to tell you about ordering your cap, gown and other essentials for graduation day from Herve Jones, the university's official supplier. You've worked incredibly hard to complete your degree under the most challenging of circumstances. And we want to make sure that ordering the correct apparel for your degree is simple and straightforward. That's why all of your graduation needs are available on our website. You can reach it by clicking the Order button below this video. On the website, you'll find a link to write your gown. And if you're a graduate student, your hood for the big day, they come with caps, tassels, and for undergraduates stores which our graduates get to keep. You'll also be able to purchase items including printed announcements, a grad give package, class rings, and diploma frames directly from the website. Wondering why are parallel will look like the bachelors and associate gowns have a closed and open sleeves. Candidates for bachelor's and associate degrees also receive a stove gratitude embellished with the university seal, which they will wear during the ceremony. The masters gown has extra long closed sleeves with the small opening at the wrist. The end of the sleeve is square with an art cutaway just above the bottom. Master's graduates wear velvet hood in a color that symbolizes their area of study. On campuses with doctoral programs, these graduates wear a gown with Velvet panels down the front, enlarge bell-shaped sleeps. Each sleeve has three velvet bars. Phd graduates where royal blue hoods, and graduates of other doctoral programs, where hoods and colors that symbolize their area of study. We hope you'll let us know if you have any questions about our website. Our contact information is displayed under this video. Again, congratulations on your achievement.

Now let’s hear from Herff Jones as they guide you through ordering your IU Commencement regalia and essentials. For questions concerning your apparel email Patrick Cavazos at

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IUAA has something to say!

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Congratulations class of 2021 and welcome to the IU family. My name is JT Douglas and I am the Director of Alumni Engagement at Indiana University Southeast. In spite of the obstacles and challenges you faced this last year of your college experience you persevered and achieved one of the great milestones of your life you earned an Indiana University degree. Although you're beginning to write a new chapter of your life, your IU journey doesn't have to end after graduation; we hope that you continue to remain engaged with your alma mater come back and visit campus follow us on social media and most importantly remain connected to IU Southeast by joining the Indiana University Alumni Association IU Proud membership program. IU Proud is a no-cost membership of the IUAA and is designed to provide support for recent graduates who are navigating life after college. I encourage you to visit the links below to learn more about the benefits of being an IU alum and the Indiana University Alumni Association. Again congratulations on your achievement and welcome to the Indiana University family!

No matter where life takes us, Indiana University will always be a part of our story. IU is where we made lifelong friends, discovered our passions, and created lasting memories. At the IU Alumni Association, we believe your IU journey doesn’t end at graduation. Our mission is to further the future of our alma mater and keep our more than 725,000 alumni connected for life.

Alumni Association: Indiana University   IU Proud Recognition Levels; Join the IUAA


Career Development is here for you!

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Hello Indiana University Southeast upcoming graduates. My name is Donna Reed,  I'm the Director of Career Development at Indiana University Southeast. I just wanted to take a moment to congratulate you, not just on finishing your degree, but also for finishing something less than one percent of the world's population completes and doing it in the middle of a global pandemic. You are part of something historic. You are the generation that shows us how to be flexible, how to push through adversity, and reach goals; our future is in your hands and I'm so excited to see how you shape it. You're on the edge of greatness. Greatness that will follow you and your generation and the legacy you carve, but you will never be alone in this journey, you're part of something bigger now. You're part of the IUS family. And along with family comes lifelong support. That is something we offer at Career Development with IUS. We offer support throughout your career journey through several options. Resume and interview preparation, job search assistance, salary negotiation, upward mobility coaching, and so much more. We are here for you at the beginning of this momentous achievement and we will be here with you throughout your career journey. You can reach out to career development year round through our website by email at and by phone at 812-941-2333. Congratulations! The world has been waiting for a generation like you and I'm so glad you're here.

The IU Southeast Career Development Center is your resource for career counseling, internships, resume reviews, mock interviews, job fairs and employment search techniques. Our services are available to all current IU Southeast students and alumni from all IU campuses.

Indiana University Southeast Career Development


See what the IU Southeast Barnes & Noble Bookstore has in store for you!

The IU Southeast Barnes & Noble bookstore sells custom IU diploma frames and covers in a variety of styles to display your diploma. You can also find your new Alumni apparel and other IU keepsakes.

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