Honors Convocation

Academic Honors

The Indiana University Southeast Honors Convocation recognizes students who have demonstrated outstanding academic achievement.

The IU Southeast Honors Convocation is traditionally held on the Thursday evening preceding Commencement. In 2021 the ceremony has been cancelled due to lingering concerns over the possible transmission of COVID-19.

Yet we still recognize our high-achieving graduates with Honors Cords to be worn at the Commencement ceremony on Monday, May 10, 2021.

To earn an Honors Cord, undergraduate students must have completed 60 graded hours at Indiana University and achieved a program Grade Point Average (GPA) within the range of 3.60 to 4.00 at the conclusion of the previous fall semester.

The lists of Honors Cord candidates for 2020-2021 were vetted by the Schools and departments, and in late April, Honors Cords were mailed to recipients.

We are proud to list IU Southeast’s honors recipients by School on the webpages that follow.

2021 Fellowship Awards for Research / Creative Work


  • John Clere
  • Kayla Crone


  • Kaycee Ranney
  • Arielle Spangle


  • Hasan Demirbas
  • Charles Isaacs
  • Trent Winlock
  • Cecilia Winters
  • Manuel Hernandez