School of Social Sciences

Dean Kelly Ryan along with the faculty and staff of Indiana University Southeast’s School of Social Sciences are honored to present their 2020 graduates.

A Message From: Kelly Ryan, Dean of the IU Southeast School of Social Sciences

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Congratulations on your graduation.

I'm Kelly Ryan, Dean of the School of Social Sciences, so I know that years of hard work and dedication went into obtaining your degree.

You're part of what makes IU Southeast's School of Social Sciences so special. You chose a degree in a field that examines individuals, human interaction, and societal institution, and you've gained incredible skills; from your introductory courses all the way up to your senior capstone courses where you designed your own projects.

You often had to tackle really difficult conversations about our modern and historic world, and you're prepared to live and work in our diverse society because of it.

Some of you took part in simulations and role-playing games, others worked in labs developed, qualitative or quantitative data, or you mastered the skills of communication by working on our school newspaper, Horizon, or developing communication plans. Often you worked in the community with internships or, really, serving to support others.

I'd like to take a moment to acknowledge our master's degree students' experiences, too. This year our first cohort in the Master of Mental Health Counseling is graduating. They've spent two years learning theories, best practices, and the dispositions of counselors, and spent hours in practicums and internships. They are ready to enter the field.

Our Master of Interdisciplinary Studies candidates created a thesis project in addition to their individualized coursework, and this represents learning and engagement with a broad swath of interdisciplinary fields that makes them ready for the career of their choosing.

All of you, our bachelor and master's degree candidates, are really special to us and we want to stay in touch with you. Believe it or not, soon you're going to miss all this intellectual engagement. We want you to join us at the Social Sciences forum, Social Sciences on Tap, or come to our annual networking event the third Thursday of every October. I'll be sending you monthly newsletters and our Facebook page always has details about all of our great events.

Congratulations on all you've accomplished. Stay in touch. Be proud of yourself, and take charge of yourself. You're an IU graduate now, and we expect much from you.

IU Southeast School of Social Sciences Graduate Recognition

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I’m Kelly Ryan, Dean of the School of Social Sciences. You're about to hear from the directors and coordinators of our programs in social sciences who will name our list of candidates for master and bachelor's degrees over this academic year. 

First, our master degree candidates’ names will be announced followed by our bachelor's degrees.

Hi, I'm Dr. Kimberly LaFollette, the director of the Masters of Mental Health Counseling program. 

I'm pleased to announce our 2020 graduates:

Michelle Lee Adams 

Rachael Christina Blunk 

Hannah Marie Brooks 

Justin Campbell

Amber Church 

Claire Elaine Faith 

Jessica Renee Hayden 

Anita Mae Kraft 

Emily Jean Kuprianczyk 

Jacob William-Elliott Mauck 

Courtney Renee Morgan 

Destini Rachelle Spicer 

Pauletta Stewart 


I'm Dr. Walsh, Director of the Graduate Interdisciplinary Studies program and for the Master in Interdisciplinary Studies we have:

Cristina Cordova Paz. Congratulations. 

 I am Dr. Jennifer Ortiz, Program Coordinator for the Criminology and Criminal Justice Department. I will be reading the names of the recipients of the Bachelors of Science in Criminology and Criminal Justice: 

Colton Paul Alldredge 

Hollie Paige Bailey 

Sydney Renee Burrage 

Lauren Nicole Camm 

Matthew Wayne Edgell 

Michelle Elizabeth Jecker 

Michelle Renee Jornigan 

Rebecca Marie Lane 

Amanda Gail Lanham 

Austin Taylor Mathis 

Maxwell D. Mitchell 

Elizabeth Lynn Putman 

Ariana Mae Sandefur 

Samantha Rena Snodgrass 

Danielle Marie Alford 

Derek Allen Anderson 

Mathew Carson Bottorff 

Brandy Marie Coffelt 

Peyton Nicole Combs 

Trey Anthony Crace 

Madison Leigh Frederick 

Trenton Michael Fried 

Allie Marie Gress 

Andrea Michelle Herrold 

Rebecca Marie Moses 

Caleb Wade Oglesby 

Crystal Poynter 

Claudia Christine Rose Scharrer 

Joseph Michael Thompson 

Congratulations graduates! I wish you the best in all of your future endeavors. IUS will dearly miss you all. 

I'm back to announce the Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Sciences in History which will be followed by The Bachelor of Sciences and Arts in Social Sciences.

For History:

James Robert Reilly Fabel 

Madison Edna Schnell 

Richard Christian Thomas 

Marilyn Truman 

For social sciences we have:

Yuliia Julia Vanslyke 

Zachariah Jay Hulsman 

I'm Dr. Jean Abshire the head of the Department of International Studies. It is my privilege and honor to recognize the graduates who have earned a Bachelor of Arts in International Studies: 

Kiko Juliana Dixon and Teagan Sage. 

On behalf of the faculty I congratulate you.

I’m Ron Allman, Coordinator of the journalism and media program.  

These are the graduates who have earned a BA or a BS in journalism and media: 

Marc Phillip Andry 

Tessa Gabrielle Arnold 

McKenzie Alice Aubrey 

Antoinette Lorena Beatty 

Ryley N. Biggs 

Erin Rachael Coffee 

Logan Christina Corn 

Emily Taylor Elliotte 

Shannon Jean Greer 

Thomas I. McAndrews 

Christopher Tate McGarvey 

Courtney Alane Nice 

John Renfrow 

Meleena Star Richardson 

Joshua Andrew Roy 

Bryce Andrew Shreve 

Ashley Nichole Smith 

Christopher Bailey Whitfield  


Hello I'm Dr. Kimberly LaFollette a faculty member in the psychology program. I am pleased to announce our 2020 graduates for the BS in neuroscience.  

Michelle Renee Jornigan 

Kirsten Ann Davenport 

Mariah Donay Franzell 

Jacob Andrew Hoffmann 

Aaron Louis Leavitt 

Bryan William Simpson 

Emily Alexandra Tomlin 

Cassidy Ann-Marie Waters

I’m Dr. Joe Wert, Coordinator of Political Science the following students are graduating with a BA in Political Science:

Farrah M. Alexander 

William Kristopher Applegate 

Chase Alexander Howard 

Brennen Vincent Goodin 

Kaitlyn Nichole Eldridge 

Cynthia Cecelia Leon 

Alyssa K. Mahan 

Michael James Buchanan 

Joshua Waddell 

Jonathan Reed Van Deusen 

Dylan Aaron Corte Grant 

Rebecca Marie Taylor 

Kameron Thomas Johnson 

Heath Gregory Ezell  

Hello, I'm Dr. Kimberly LaFollette, a faculty member in the psychology program. I'm pleased to announce the 2020 graduates for the BA and BS in Psychology:

Ariana Sandefur 

Danielle Alford 

Brooke Ballard 

Kennedie Margarita 

Kayli Ashton Dempster 

Meagan Ashley 

Mackenzie Best 

Bailey Combs 

Amberly Endris-Burns 

Holly Elizabeth Gavin 

Megan Marie Gilley 

Jenna Marie Jaha 

Jordyn Kathlene Jansa 

Miranda Jean Morris 

Kamryn Renee Overbey 

Michelle L. Pantiere 

Zachary Michael Roseberry 

Charles Benjamin Sandifer 

Mikayla Sloan 

Breanna K. Stubblefield 

Arden Elaine Thornberry 

Kearstin Diane Tolnay 

Rachael Thomas Trowell 

Isabella Marie Akins 

Alison Jo Anderson 

Sidney Gayle Blair 

Danielle Joann Bowling 

Kelsey Jordan Brown 

Cory M. Byers 

Megan Jolene Chandler 

Grace Elizabeth Clayton 

Lauren Elizabeth Conklin 

Bassem N. Debbabi 

Megan Elizabeth DeWeese 

Madison Tyler Dibble 

Kayli Nicole Donahue 

Madison Leigh Dotson 

Heavenly Maria Duong 

Brooke Jordan Epple 

Jonathan Dale Ford 

Peyton Joann Fowler 

Sabrina Ariel Friend 

Cheyenne Gray 

Belén Aviv Montoya Gregory 

Victoria Suzanne Harmon 

Caitlin Noel Harris 

Haylie Holly 

Jacqueline Leann James 

Kaitlyn Louise Isgrigg 

Sydni Nicole Kratz 

Isaac Nathaniel Langdon 

Haley Rose Lautenbach 

Cody Austin Leonhardt 

Raechel Naomi Lewis 

Sydney Elizabeth Lossin 

Hannah Marie Money 

Amber Rebecca Moore 

Andrew Dean Mowery 

Kaylea Elyce Passafiume 

Megan Ashley Ransdell 

Isabelle Kay Renn 

Brianna Nicole Riddle 

Rachel Nicole Scheurich 

Evie Nicole Schuster 

Samantha Nicole Schutt 

Amy Shearer 

Katarina Delynn Sizemore 

Anthony Joseph Sneed 

Sadie Elizabeth Soliday 

Katherine Lynn Streeter 

Emma Delayne Sulzer 

Lauren Hazel Voyles 

Lorna-Mae Ward 

Stephanie M. Ward 

Abigail Lynn Ware 

Lois Ann Williamson 

Laura Rodriguez Figueredo 

Jacqueline R. Stoner

Hannah M. Embry 

Lexie Sutton 

Peyton Joann Fowler 

Katelyn Marie Schafer 

Hannah Danielle Snider 

Alyssa A. Hubbard 

Mallory E. Murphy 


I'm Greg Phipps, Program Coordinator for Sociology and it's my distinct honor to recognize our students receiving the Bachelor of Arts and the Bachelor of Science in sociology:  

Elizabeth Sonja Gillenwater 

Kayler R. Jurgensmeyer 

Sabrina Michele Lovelace 

Morgan Layne 

Mariah M. Surber 

Nichole Marie Pulfer 

Lauren Olivia Burch 

Congratulations, we wish you the best in your future endeavors.

Outstanding Students

The School of Social Sciences is honored to feature a selection of our top graduating seniors from the Class of 2020.  They have worked hard, and we are proud of their accomplishments.

Cory Byers

Description of the video:

My time at IUS has been nothing short of wonderful and rewarding. It has started a foundation for which I will base my professional career in psychology.  

Along those lines I've shared the classrooms with many wonderful professors and classmates who are now all my colleagues. Some of the supporters that I've had along my way are my family and friends. My biggest supporter of my life is my wife Haley - to my wife I'd like to say thank you for the time and effort that you have invested in me as I went back to school to achieve my college degree. 

So thank you all for being a part of my life and helping me set a foundation for which I will build my professional career both from IU Southeast and from those personally responsible who have supported me along my journey. Thank you. 

Brennen Goodin

Description of the video:

Hi everybody, I'm Brennen Goodin, Political Science major and Class of 2020. I just wanted to take a moment here to thank our campus for how wonderful it is. I enjoy going to school every day and getting to see our amazing faculty and our department and I just wanted to take a moment here especially to thank the amazing political science department that we had at IU Southeast. 

I am truly honored to have been able to take at least one class with every single professor in our department. I especially want to thank all of the political science professors: Dr. Staten, Dr. Abshire, Dr. Wrzenski, Dr. Morgan, and Dr. Wert. 

I have been truly enjoyed getting to know all of our professors in our department and I truly feel honored to have been able to take classes with all of them. Thanks. 

Courtney Morgan

Description of the video:

Hi everyone. I am extremely honored to be chosen as an outstanding student for the Mental Health Counseling graduate program. I'm so grateful for the opportunities I've had throughout this program including invaluable internship experiences, traveling to Nashville for professional training and continuing to grow as a person and as a professional.

This program has been equally challenging as it has been empowering. Graduate School taught me how to capitalize on my strengths and how to identify strengths in others to promote resiliency and positive change.

I would like to thank my parents who have supported me from the very beginning and my cohort who consistently provides encouragement. Once again, thank you so much for this recognition. I am so proud to be a part of the first graduating mental health counseling cohort from IU Southeast.  

Megan Ransdell

Description of the video:

Hello Megan Ransdell here. I am honored to be named one of IUS’s outstanding psychology students for this year. It's really inspiring to be recognized for something that I've become so passionate about over the past three-and-a-half years as an undergraduate. 

I'd really like to thank my family: my dad, my little brother, and my husband for pushing me through and keeping me optimistic every night through the long nights of homework and senior sim project.

I'd really like to thank my professors too, they continue to inspire me and they always had an open door for me and I couldn't have made it through without them.  I am truly blessed right now and I couldn't have asked for a better three-and-a-half-year commitment. Thank You! 

Teagan Sage

Description of the video:

My time at IUS has been very special to me mostly due to the close mentor relationships I've been able to form notably with Doctors Jean Abshire, Quinn Dauer and Michael Hutchins. It's really been their attention to my development that’s given me the confidence to approach projects that I probably wouldn't have otherwise such as my participation in the radio show the International Power Hour as well as my efforts to translate a book from German. 

I think that my experience wouldn't have been the same without their close attention so I want to thank them very much. On top of that, I've just always felt that IUS has been very welcoming as a person who grew up abroad and then spent most of my life after that in Louisville, Kentucky, I felt very welcomed in Indiana and I look forward to coming back as often as I can. 

Claudia Scharrer

Description of the video:

Hi everyone my name is Claudia Sharrer, and I have the honor of graduating as one of the outstanding criminal justice students in the IUS School of Social Sciences. It surely feels like the perfect end to an amazing chapter in my life. As a freshman I never knew that I would learn so much from such amazing professors, like Dr. Ortiz and Dr. Jessie. They made learning very eye-opening and it was an honor to learn from them. I also want to thank my family for cheering me on andthe IUPD Southeast with the opportunity to be in the cadet officer program. They all really pushed me mentally and physically to be the best I could be, and believed in me when I didn't always believe in myself. I owe so much to them and IU Southeast for making me who I am today. Thank you.

Bryce Shreve

Description of the video:

Hello this is Bryce Shreve and I would like to say that I am honored to be recognized as IU Southeast's outstanding student in journalism and media. I'd like to thank Dean Ryan and everyone else at the School of Social Sciences who selected me for this and recognized me for this. It's a great honor. I'd also like to thank my support system of all my family, my friends, my girlfriend Haley, for the support during my college career and finally getting to graduate this semester. I'd also like to thank Dr. Maksl, Dr. Allman, Dr. Dailey, everyone in the journalism and media program. They're all great instructors and I've learned so much from you all, that I hope to apply in my future career. It's been a great honor working for the horizon at IUS and I hope to use everything I've gained, all the skills I've gained, in my future career. So, thank you.

Cassidy Waters

Description of the video:

Hello my name is Cassidy Waters and I was named IUS's outstanding student in neuroscience for the class of 2020. I just wanted to say thank you and I'm honored to have been given this opportunity. IUS has really helped me find who I am as a person, and really gave me the confidence that I needed to pursue the career path that I wanted and for that I'm super thankful. I'd also like to give a special thank you to the friends and family that supported me along the way. It's been a very interesting and exciting four years, to say the least, and I know I couldn't have done it without you. Another thank you to the staff of Social Sciences. Especially, to Dr. Hoffman and Dr. Kahn. I was presented a lot of opportunities that I know I wouldn't have taken hadn't I been pushed and for that I'm super thankful. I'm really gonna miss IUS, but I am very excited for what's next. So, thank you.

School of Social Sciences Class of 2020

Bachelor of Arts in History

  • Brooke Nicole Ballard
  • James Robert Reilly Fabel
  • Madison Edna Schnell
  • Richard Christian Thomas

Bachelor of Arts in International Studies

  • Majok Atem Deng
  • Kiko Juliana Dixon
  • Teagan Sage

Bachelor of Arts in Journalism

  • Erin Rachael Coffee
  • Shannon Jean Greer
  • Thomas I. McAndrews

Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Media

  • McKenzie Alice Aubrey
  • Antoinette Lorena Beatty
  • Ryley N. Biggs
  • Logan Christina Corn
  • Emily Taylor Elliotte
  • Christopher Tate McGarvey
  • Courtney Alane Nice
  • Bryce Andrew Shreve

Bachelor of Arts in Political Science

  • Farrah M. Alexander
  • William Kristopher Applegate
  • Michael James Buchanan
  • Kaitlyn Nichole Eldridge
  • Heath Gregory Ezell
  • Brennen Vincent Goodin
  • Dylan Aaron Corte Grant
  • Chase Alexander Howard
  • Kameron Thomas Johnson
  • Cynthia Cecelia Leon
  • Alyssa K. Mahan
  • Destiney Michelle Phillips
  • Rebecca Marie Taylor
  • Jonathan Reed Van Deusen
  • Joshua Waddell

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

  • Meagan Marie Ashley
  • Brooke Nicole Ballard
  • Mackenzie Rae Best
  • Bailey Nicole Combs
  • Hannah M. Embry
  • Amberly Endris-Burns
  • Holly Elizabeth Gavin
  • Megan Marie Gilley
  • Alyssa A. Hubbard
  • Jenna Marie Jaha
  • Jordyn Kathlene Jansa
  • Miranda Jean Morris
  • Mallory E. Murphy
  • Kamryn Renee Overbey
  • Michelle L. Pantiere
  • Laura Rodriguez Figueredo
  • Zachary Michael Roseberry
  • Charles Benjamin Sandifer
  • Mikayla Sloan
  • Jacqueline R. Stoner
  • Breanna K. Stubblefield
  • Arden Elaine Thornberry
  • Kearstin Diane Tolnay
  • Rachael Thomas Trowell

Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences

  • Yuliia Julia Vanslyke

Bachelor of Arts in Sociology

  • Morgan Elizabeth Layne
  • Nichole Marie Pulfer
  • Mariah M. Surber

Bachelor of Science in Criminology and Criminal Justice

  • Danielle Marie Alford
  • Colton Paul Alldredge
  • Derek Allen Anderson
  • Hollie Paige Bailey
  • Mathew Carson Bottorff
  • Sydney Renee Burrage
  • Lauren Nicole Camm
  • Brandy Marie Coffelt
  • Peyton Nicole Combs
  • Trey Anthony Crace
  • Matthew Wayne Edgell
  • Madison Leigh Frederick
  • Trenton Michael Fried
  • Allie Marie Gress
  • Andrea Michelle Herrold
  • Michelle Elizabeth Jecker
  • Michelle Renee Jornigan
  • Rebecca Marie Lane
  • Amanda Gail Lanham
  • Austin Taylor Mathis
  • Maxwell D. Mitchell
  • Rebecca Marie Moses
  • Caleb Wade Oglesby
  • Crystal Poynter
  • Elizabeth Lynn Putman
  • Ariana Mae Sandefur
  • Claudia Christine Rose Scharrer
  • Samantha Rena Snodgrass
  • Joseph Michael Thompson
  • Joseph Lee Veregge

Bachelor of Science in History

  • Marilyn L. Truman

Bachelor of Science in Journalism and Media

  • Marc Phillip Andry
  • Tessa Gabrielle Arnold

Bachelor of Science in Journalism and Media (continued)

  • Elizabeth Nicole Hunter
  • John Thomas Renfrow
  • Meleena Star Richardson
  • Joshua Andrew Roy
  • Ashley Nichole Smith
  • Christopher Bailey Whitfield

Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience

  • Kirsten Ann Davenport
  • Mariah Donay Franzell
  • Jacob Andrew Hoffmann
  • Michelle Renee Jornigan
  • Aaron Louis Leavitt
  • Bryan William Simpson
  • Emily Alexandra Tomlin
  • Cassidy Ann-Marie Waters

Bachelor of Science in Psychology

  • Isabella Marie Akins
  • Danielle Marie Alford
  • Alison Jo Anderson
  • Sidney Gayle Blair
  • Danielle Joann Bowling
  • Kelsey Jordan Brown
  • Cory M. Byers
  • Megan Jolene Chandler
  • Grace Elizabeth Clayton
  • Lauren Elizabeth Conklin
  • Bassem N. Debbabi
  • Kayli Ashton Dempster
  • Megan Elizabeth DeWeese
  • Madison Tyler Dibble
  • Kayli Nicole Donahue
  • Madison Leigh Dotson
  • Heavenly Maria Duong
  • Brooke Jordan Epple
  • Jonathan Dale Ford
  • Peyton Joann Fowler
  • Sabrina Ariel Friend
  • Cheyenne Gray
  • Belén Aviv Montoya Gregory
  • Victoria Suzanne Harmon
  • Caitlin Noel Harris
  • Haylie Holly
  • Jacqueline Leann Ijames
  • Kaitlyn Louise Isgrigg
  • Sydni Nicole Kratz
  • Isaac Nathaniel Langdon
  • Haley Rose Lautenbach
  • Cody Austin Leonhardt
  • Raechel Naomi Lewis
  • Sydney Elizabeth Lossin
  • Kennedie Terese Margarida
  • Hannah Marie Money
  • Amber Rebecca Moore
  • Andrew Dean Mowery
  • Kaylea Elyce Passafiume
  • Megan Ashley Ransdell
  • Isabelle Kay Renn
  • Brianna Nicole Riddle
  • Ariana Mae Sandefur
  • Katelyn Marie Schafer
  • Rachel Nicole Scheurich
  • Evie Nicole Schuster
  • Samantha Nicole Schutt
  • Amy Shearer
  • Katarina Delynn Sizemore
  • Anthony Joseph Sneed
  • Hannah Danielle Snider
  • Sadie Elizabeth Soliday
  • Katherine Lynn Streeter
  • Emma Delayne Sulzer
  • Alexus Elisabeth Sutton
  • Lauren Hazel Voyles
  • Lorna-Mae Ward
  • Stephanie M. Ward
  • Abigail Lynn Ware
  • Lois Ann Williamson

Bachelor of Science in Social Sciences

  • Zachariah Jay Hulsman

Bachelor of Science in Sociology

  • Lauren Olivia Burch
  • Elizabeth Sonja Gillenwater
  • Kayler R. Jurgensmeyer
  • Sabrina Michele Lovelace

Master of Arts in Mental Health Counseling

  • Michelle Lee Adams
  • Rachael Christina Blunk
  • Hannah Marie Brooks
  • Justin Campbell
  • Claire Elaine Faith
  • Jessica Renee Hayden
  • Anita Mae Kraft
  • Emily Jean Kuprianczyk
  • Amber K. Lamey
  • Jacob William-Elliott Mauck
  • Courtney Renee Morgan
  • Destini Rachelle Spicer
  • Pauletta Stewart

Master of Interdisciplinary Studies

  • Cristina Cordova Paz
  • John Raymond Cummings
  • Kari Ann Hess
  • Katie Laughlin