Participating Faculty

Each of these faculty members is using this year's Common Experience Reading in their classes in the fall and/or spring semesters.

Their students will be attending and participating in many of the events associated with the Common Experience program.

The IU Southeast Common Experience Participating Faculty Members for 2019-2020 are as follows:

Photo of Kimberly Bonacci

Kimberly Bonacci

Senior Lecturer of Mathematics
Coordinator of Lower Level Mathematics

Physical Sciences 020B
Phone: (812) 941-2132

Photo of Adam Booth

Adam Tyler Booth

Visiting Assistant Nursing Professor

Life Sciences 221
Phone: 8129412087

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Photo of Neil Brewer

Neil Brewer

Senior Lecturer

Hillside Hall 28
Phone: (812) 941-2135

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Photo of Donna Dahlgren

Donna J. Dahlgren Ph.D.

Dean of Student Success and Persistence
Professor of Psychology

Univ. Center South 243B
Phone: (812) 941-2682

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Photo of Rebekah Dement

Rebekah Dement

Interim Honors Program Director
Visiting Assistant Professor of Honors

Knobview Hall KV235B
Phone: 812-941-2196

Photo of Melissa Fry

Melissa S. Fry Ph.D.

Associate Professor
Director of the Applied Research and Education Center

Hausfeldt 139
Crestview Hall 013
Phone: (812) 941-2105

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Photo of Meghan Kahn

Meghan Kahn Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience
Co-Coordinator Psychology Program

Crestview Hall 011
Phone: (812) 941-2174

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Photo of Veronica Medina

Veronica E. Medina Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Sociology
Faculty Diversity Coordinator, Academic Affairs
Sociology Club & Phi Sigma Sigma Faculty Co-Advisor

Crestview Hall 003
Phone: (812) 941-2297

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Photo of Leigh Meyer

Leigh Ann Meyer

Writing Center Director
Associate English faculty

Knobview Hall 208
Phone: (812) 941-2495

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Photo of Kimberly Pelle

Kimberly Dawn Pelle MS

Coordinator of Non-Traditional Student and Family Programs
Manager, Adult Student Center
Adjunct Faculty, Social Sciences

Univ. Center South 206
Phone: (812) 941-2650

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Photo of Christopher Proctor,

Christopher Proctor, M.L.S.

Coordinator of Access Services
Campus Accreditation Project Manager

Library 206A
Phone: (812) 941-2486

Photo of Elizabeth Reisz

Elizabeth Reisz

Lecturer in Finance

Hillside Hall 219H
Phone: (812) 941-2545

Photo of Emily Sheehan

Emily Sheehan M.F.A.

Assistant Professor of Fine Arts

Knobview Hall 034
Phone: (812) 941-2412

Photo of Lizzy Southard

Lizzy Southard

Residence Life Coordinator

Meadow Lodge 103
Phone: (812) 941-2115
Fax: (812) 941-2116

Photo of Rebecca Turner

Rebecca Turner


Univ. Center South 207
Phone: (812) 941-2547

Photo of Annette Wyandotte

Annette Wyandotte

Assistant Vice Chancellor

Univ. Center South 203F
Phone: (812) 941-2614