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Common Experience in 2018-19

Theme: Think Global, Act Local

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Common Experience in 2017-18

Theme: Cultures in Crisis: Circumstances and Cultures

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Common Experience in 2016-17

Theme: Making Choices: Defining Who You Are

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Common Experience in 2015-16

Theme: Building Communities in a Global Society

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Common Experience in 2014-15

Theme: The Gift of Empathy: Seeing the World through the Eyes of Another

Common Experience in 2013-14

Theme: Public and Private Ethics: Who Decides?

Common Experience in 2012-13

Theme: Education in America: Relevance and Empowerment

Common Experience in 2011-12

Theme: Liberty and Justice for All? Social Change and Campus Action for 70 Years and Beyond

Common Experience in 2010-11

Theme: Living in the Digital Age: Virtual Community or Real Connectedness?

Common Experience in 2009-10

Theme: Health and Humanity in the New Millennium: Where Do We Go From Here?

Contest Winners:
Fall 2009
  1. Maureen Rogg – Essay
  2. Stephanie Hayes – Essay
  3. Keith Whitaker – Essay

Common Experience in 2008-09

Theme: Greening of Earth: Whose Responsibility?

Contest Winners:
Fall 2008
  1. Sarah Yeager – Essay
Spring 2009
  1. Michael Maupin – Essay

Common Experience in 2007-08

Theme: Identity in a Multicultural World: Who Am I?

Contest Winners:
Fall 2007
  1. Michael Maupin – Essay
  2. Desiree Tudder – Poetry
  3. Pascalle Ballard – Art
Spring 2008
  1. Jennifer Martens – Essay

Common Experience in 2006-07

Theme: Citizens making a difference in America.
Reading: Coming of Age in Mississippi by Anne Moody