Rethinking Poverty, Educating Advocates, and Sensitizing Communities

Indiana University Southeast received funding from the Community Foundation of Southern Indiana and the Horseshoe Foundation of Floyd County to be a training site for this interactive simulation. For a limited time the Poverty Simulation will be a free service. The interactive simulations a group will:

  • Assume the role of up to 26 different families
  • Attempt to provide basic necessities utilizing various community resources over the course of the four 15-minute "weeks"
  • Experience the challenges that struggling families face in our community

The Poverty Simulation at IU Southeast is free service (for a limited time) and accommodates 70-100 participants. The activity lasts about three hours, including an introduction and briefings by the facilitator, the simulation exercise and a guided debriefing in which participants and volunteers share their observations and insights from the activity.

The Poverty Simulation at IU Southeast aims to bridge the gap from myth and misconception to empathy and understanding. Our objective is to sensitize participants to the realities faced by low-income people in our communities. Throughout the simulation, you'll interact with representatives of government, local agencies, utility companies, childcare services, supermarkets, college students, and non-profits.

IU Southeast’s Poverty Simulation is unique in that the roles of community resources providers are played by volunteers from the New Albany Housing Authority who have first-hand knowledge of facing a life of poverty.

If you are interested in learning more, contact the IU Southeast School of Nursing at

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