With federal and state financial support for higher education declining, private gifts are often what makes new programs or enhancements possible for the university.

IU Southeast is growing, from record-breaking enrollments and more student organizations every year to new buildings and facilities and a campus that is active 24/7. The University is busier than ever.

With increased enrollment, however, comes increased demand for student financial aid. With federal and state financial support for higher education declining, private gifts are often what make new programs or enhancements possible for the university.

Donor support keeps tuition more affordable and within reach for more students who might not otherwise have the opportunity for higher education. For undergraduate students who verify financial need, the typical financial aid package covers only a portion of tuition and fees. In addition, your gift helps to provide much needed assistance for students to further their education and career objectives.

In 2009-10, private donors provided 40 percent of IU Southeast student scholarships. The University also awarded 79 endowed scholarships. In the past fiscal year, IU Southeast awarded more financial aid dollars than in any year previous. The number of students receiving financial aid increased by more than 700 (16 percent) from last year, adding up to a total of 5,342 students.

Your gift supports the mission of IU Southeast, “to shape the future of our region by transforming good students into great leaders, one graduate at a time.” When you give, you begin to make a difference for your community’s future success. After all, our students are our future alumni, and IU Southeast alumni are nearly 22,000 strong. IU Southeast has long been an institution that has helped shape our community with over 80% of our alumni remaining here and providing leadership positions across this region.

Our reputation as an outstanding University continues to grow as more and more students are choosing IU Southeast as their first-choice University. IU Southeast is, simply put, growing and thriving, providing an affordable, quality education to our region. This campus’s true legacy, our graduates, makes our region a better place to live and work because they put their IU degrees to work right here in our community.

Special Thanks To Our Donors

IU Southeast will celebrate its 70th anniversary in 2011. The University has achieved much in the last few years, and as we approach this milestone in our history, we wish to thank all of you for your goodwill, positive perspectives, and persistent endorsement. Your contributions to IU Southeast throughout the year mean more students can continue their undergraduate or graduate education at a truly remarkable University. They can earn an IU degree, and they can make a difference in this community after their graduation.