Library Giving Opportunities
Account/Fund Name Give now Description
Center For Cultural Resources Fund Give now to Center for Cultural Resources Fund This account is used to assist the IU Southeast Department of Education by establishing cultural kits made up of items purchased from other countries. The kits may be made available to the local public schools and the community for educational purposes, so that other may have the opportunity to learn about other cultures. The fund may also provide assistance for student foreign travel and on-going expenses of the Center as determined by the Director of Library Resources.
IU Southeast Friends of the Library Give to Friends of the Library This account is used to promote financial support for the library. Expenditures may include, but are not limited to, printing, promotion, and book acquisitions.
Indiana University Southeast Library Endowment  Give to Library Endowment This use of this fund is authorized by the Director of the IU Southeast Library for the reasonable purchase of equipment, monographs, books, and periodicals, for use in the IU Southeast Library.

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