Career Development Center 2013 Annual Report - page 5

CareerCounselingNotes andHighlights
In the2012-2013 school year, theCareerDevelopmentCenterhasbegun itswork inproviding career counselingassistance
tofirst year studentswhohave identified themselves asundecidedon theirmajor.Therehavebeen someamazing returns
on this investment. IndianaUniversitySoutheast not onlyhas agoal of recruitinggreat students, our goal is also tokeep
them comingback for thenext year.
Career counselingplays ahuge role in that effort for the campus!
Impact onoverall campus
2012-13 retention for all students
at IUSoutheast across every class
yearwas 71%.
Impact onfirst-year
2012-13 retention for first-year
students at IUSoutheast was 55%.
First-year student retention rate
for students that received career
a 13point increase from the campus
Retention rateacross all levels
for studentswho received career
–a 16point
increase from the campus average.
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