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The 2013-14 academic year was a

period of successful new initiatives for

the IU Southeast Career Development


First Year Students –

Every student

in a First Year Seminar class was

offered the opportunity to take an

assessment to match students with

possible academic majors and/or career

choices based on each student’s

individual interests and skills.

Resources –

Our center upgraded to a

new software this year to offer

constituents more resources. Student

users are now able to view more job

postings, job search tools and guides for

document creation. Employers

are able to post positions to all IU

regional campuses through our website

and have access to statewide IU


Interns –

During the 2013-14

academic year we connected students

and employers in 195 internship

experiences. Seventy-eight percent of

our interns elected to receive academic

credit for these experiences and 59

percent of the internships were paid

with an overall income of $577,878.

The Career Development Center’s

continued objective is to assist students

and alumni in one primary goal:

To help students/graduates realize

the return on their educational

investment through the attainment of

their desired post-graduate goal.

We thank all of our employer partners

for their desire to collaborate with us

to identify qualified IU Southeast

candidates and we look forward

to playing an increased role in

communicating this region’s recruiting

needs to the educators on our campus.

We also thank the dedicated and

passionate IU Southeast faculty and

staff who partner with us to fulfill the

vision statement of Indiana University

Southeast, “… shape the future of our

region by transforming good students

into great leaders, one graduate at a


Thank you again for your partnership

and commitment to keeping our

students and graduates first!


The Career Development Team