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In Fall 2013-14, students who participated in the Major Exploration Workshop were retained at a rate five percent

higher than all other first-year students. This result may cause us to look at implementing a modified version of the

Major Exploration Workshop. This also takes into account the Career Development Center’s new focus on working

in the First Year Seminar classes.

Fall Advising continues to be an integral part of the retention effort for exploratory students.

It increased by five percent from the workshop to fall advising.

For this year, we saw great gains in S100. This can perhaps be attributed to our decision to slightly modify our goal

(clarity around school vs. clarity around major/career). We also extended our class time to an hour and 15 minutes

(up from 50 minutes). This also proved to be extremely helpful.

The average retention rate for all freshmen from Fall 2013-14.

Students who completed only the

Major Exploration Workshop.

Students who completed the

Major Exploration Workshop


Fall Advising.