Tools for the Search —
The Resume References
References are often required during the employment search. On your resume, you may wish to simply
References: Available upon request.
Then, on a separate sheet of paper, list at least three people who know you well and who are willing to
be positive references for you. Be sure to obtain permission from each person you plan to use. Tell
them what kinds of positions you are seeking and finally, as a courtesy, be certain to provide each of
your references with a copy of your resume so they have accurate information to pass along to the
employer. Do not use relatives, personal friends, or students as references. Be sure to select references
who are knowledgeable, articulate, and who can speak and write clearly. They will be representing you
to the prospective employer.
If possible, include at least
one professional reference
someone who knows about your work habits),
at least
one educational reference
someone who knows about your educational abilities), and at least
one personal reference
someone who knows you as a member of the community and can vouch for
your character).
Each reference should be listed by
Full Mailing Address
Work Telephone Number
Email Address
Ask each reference if they prefer to be contacted at home or work. Never use home information without
permission. Check the accuracy of the contact information with each reference.
Be certain that you use the same heading (your name and contact information) on your reference sheet
as was used on your resume.