Sending thank you letters to employers with whom you interview, as well as those with whom
you have networked, is vital. Like your cover letter, you can use a basic design or template, but each one
must be customized. When you follow up after an interview, be sure to reiterate your interest in the
Thank you letters should be mailed or emailed to the employer within 24 hours of the meeting.
Remind the employer who you are and note an area of connection that you established during your
interview. Express your appreciation for his or her time, and reemphasize your strongest qualifications.
Make it professional, yet personal.
A sample thank you letter design is shown below:
Black Oak Drive
New Albany, IN 47150
October 15, 20xx
Mr. Anthony B. Stratton
Commodity Transporters, Inc.
Hunter Lane
Louisville, KY 40201
Dear Mr. Stratton:
I appreciate meeting with you and David Jones, the regional manager, on Thursday, May 17, to discuss
the transportation manager’s position.
My success as a first-line supervisor reflects my ability to achieve management’s objectives through
effective supervision and follow-up. My background in management and traffic will enable me to be
effective in this job and make a difference to your company.
I am very interested in joining Commodity Transporters and responding to the challenges within
transportation management. Thanks again for your time and a very productive day. I look forward to
hearing from you soon.
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