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Professional Correspondence
In today’s world, email is the most frequently used communication method. Because of this, it is
appropriate to correspond via e-mail in many situations. If a person gives you an email address, it is
proper to use it. When you compose an e-mail, follow the same guidelines that you use for other
professional correspondence. Use proper grammar and complete sentences, keep a professional tone,
avoid leaving out details, be concise, and proofread. Additional tips:
Avoid using emotions.
Ask before sending attachments, because some people will only open attachments from people
they know.
Do not put the receiver’s information in the “TO:” line until you have proof-read the email and
are ready to send the message. This will ensure that you do not accidentally send the message
before you are ready.
If you are sending a cover letter and résumé via e-mail, paste your cover letter into the body of
the email, and attach the résumé. Double check the document after you paste it to ensure that it
is in the same format. Before you attach your résumé, save your résumé document and title it
with your name. This will make it easier for the employer to refer back to it later.
Always proofread your correspondence. Poor grammar and misspelling
can determine whether or not you receive an interview. Spell check is
usually effective, but may not catch a number of errors. There is no
substitute for reading and rereading your documents! If you want to
ensure complete accuracy, drop off your letters or submit them on
CareerLink to be reviewed and critiqued by IU Southeast Career
Development Center.
Writing a Professional Email