Tools for the Search —
Interview Skills
Once you are granted an interview, it’s next time to sell yourself and evaluate the position in terms of your
goals and objectives. Remember that you are also “interviewing” the potential employer to see if the position
is the right fit for what you want to accomplish. Interview styles and techniques often differ with each
employer. Below are some tips to help you.
Know yourself!
You’re most likely thinking that this is the easiest thing but it is hard for some. You need to not only
know all of your past experiences but know where you want to go and where you are currently. This will come in handy
when the interviewer asks you “Why should I hire you?”
Act like everyone you talk to is interviewing you.
This includes the secretary, all the employees you are introduced
to, everyone! While these people may not be part of the formal interview, it is part of an informal interview—they will
all share their notes afterwards and you want to make a great impression
Do your research beforehand.
This will not only help you develop questions to ask the interviewer but it will be a
gold star for you in their eyes. Showing knowledge about the company shows your interest and helps with conversation.
Ask questions.
This is another way to show interest in the position. If you do not ask questions the interviewer may
perceive you as uninterested and pass you by.
Take notes during the interview.
This is a way to show the interviewer that you are really interested in the position
and the company plus it will help you later when you have to weigh different options. But don’t forget to give the inter-
viewer your undivided attention.
Be familiar with the position you are applying for.
While this may seem very obvious, know the title and job duties
of the position you are applying for. You do not want to make a fool of yourself when you have to ask the “stupid”
Arrive early for the interview.
Show up to the interview at least 15 minuets in advance, yes
Speak clearly and smoothly.
You want the interviewer to understand you so no slang and no filler words to jumble
up your answers. Also, if you have a thick accent, try to enunciate clearly.
Maintain eye contact!
This is a simple but effective way to show confidence in yourself and your abilities.
Dress the part!
Come to the interview in professional business suit. This will impress the interviewer and they will
be able to picture you working in their office.
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